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Gracia Final x3





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Gracia final?

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Gracia Final x3 - September 10!


E-Global and Shock-World proudly present.

Gracia Final x3 E-Volution server.
Chronicles updates, relevant game shop, alive market, marketplace, Bigwar, Mid-clans, small groups and solo players. Unique events, daily bonuses and achievement system. This and even more you will find on our new server. All you ever dreamed about on your favorite chronicle!

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Updates on High Five x5


We want to announce couple of minor and major changes on our server to improve gameplay.
Changes will affect such aspects of the game as: Olympiad, Terrytory Wars, Server Rates, BotHunter team, Raid Bosses and many more.


Bonus start on High Five x5


Are you tired of roaming the servers? Late for our start? Are you afraid to start, because everyone has already riched high levels and you won't be able to catch up on them? Clear your mind of doubts! We have made a bonus start especially for you!


Grand Opening - Today!


Grand Opening is going to be at 19:00 +/- 10 min (CET / GTM +1).
We remind that before the start you need to update the client through the updater!


OBT High Five today! Start: 19:00 (CET)


Dear players! Today (April 22) our High Five x5 server will move to another stage of testing.
At 19:00 (CET) will be runned OBT stage where everyone can join and try server's conception and settings by themselves.
You can find more details on our forum.

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Dear User, password recovery will be available since 10 june


Dear user, Open Beta will start 14 June! You'll be able to download files since 13 June


Localisation will be Ready till 12 June!


Nowadays there are too many games are opening every day. Sometimes it is become very difficult for the player to find really high-quality classic product which is based on interlude, gracia final, high five, epilogue chronicles, and play there.

We provide a complex of test servers. These servers include different chronicles and rates such as interlude, interlude pvp, gracia final, gracia final pvp. High five, high five pvp and all kinds of mid rate and low rate games. You can choose any game which is the most comfortable for you. Our game concept is based on classic version, but can include some extra additions. These additions make game more comfortable for modern players.

All gameplay moments of original interlude, Gracia Final, High Five chronicles are saved so you can feel real MMORPG as it must be.

Our test servers have been created by experienced team. We play MMORPG a lot, that’s why we have enough knowledge to make the best customer experience.