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Lineage 2 is already deeply rooted in our lives. Today we will check how well you know it.


            So let's get started:


  1. In the game, events occur 150 years before the events of the first part, and much of what was updated in part 2, has already happened before.
  2. Lineage II is a passable game, and according to various sources it should have had 13 additions, but it had already 18. Sooner or later LA2 should come to the events of the first series of the game.
  3. A very slow bow makes more shots than a slow bow with the same attack speed, this happens because the recharge speed of a very slow bow is faster.
  4. Lineage II is one of the most popular pirated games, about 50 different pirated pvp servers open a month.
  5. The 1st part of Lineage brings much more profit than Lineage II, this is due to the fact that Koreans still love the first series of the game, although more than 16 years have passed.
  6. L2 led some players to death from exhaustion, and sometimes there were cases when internal wars turned into real ones.
  7. In 2011, a criminal case for the theft of a game character in LA2 was initiated, the orc was stolen.
  8. Lineage - one of the first MMORPG, World of WarCraft appeared after a year and a half.
  9. On average, the experience of LA2 gamers is more than 4 years.
  10. The developer company NCSoft when selling its product resorted to unfair marketing: in 2007, there was a value of 18 million subscribers indicated on the game boxes, although according to official sources of the same NCSoft there were only 600k subscribers to lineage2.

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