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High Five x5
Epilogue x15
Interlude x7


Beloved classic in modern look - 20 April!

Just imagine, it's been 12 years since first Interlude was opened.
12 years, Carl - twelve!
And no one ever decide to make a decent present to all fans of the most popular chronicles.
It's time to make difference.
Interlude Final - is a time proved game mechanics, common classed balance and everything that make you love this chrinicle. However our product gives a chance to bring real future to this chronicles compared to typical Interlude.
It's a chance to move game to the state of being relevant, important, essential.

Just imagine...
You download regular patch, logging to the game:
WOW - modern gameplay, bright world with a bunch of fans, that want to try truly worthy server. Just like you do.

From the creators of

You should know it

  • Always huge online
  • Real BigWar
  • More than 1.500.000 on advertisement

Server parameters

  • Chronicles: Interlude
  • Platform: Euro-PTS
  • Exp: x7
  • SP: x7
  • Adena: x3
  • Drop: x3
  • Spoil: x3
  • Quest adena / exp / sp: x3
  • Quest drop: x1

Our features

Modern and optimazed game client - less critical erroers during teleports etc. Enough is enough!
Less critical errores of the game
More than Adena in your inventory;
2kkk is not a limit
Combination of Alt+Click allows you to remove undesirable buffs. Overlords + Rage of Pa'agrio (Berserker Spirit) = problem solved!
Remove undesired buff (Alt)
Alt+Click (hold) on the member of your party allows you to change position of members in party;
Personal sorting of party list
Modern and comfortable game interface: macroses, skills description (on shortcut), map\mini-map and many more;
Modern interface
Fully working Party Matching and Command Channel;
Up-to-date party searching interface
Ingame Mail, Cyclic Macorses and many more.
Mail, Cyclic Macorses and many more.

What awaits Interlude Final in the future?

We consider Interlude Final as a regular Interlude with only difference: it need to match the needs of modern audience, bring some changes and to develop.
New and modern Platform provide us a opportunity to make a solid alternative to classic Lineage 2 but in a way of familiar Interlude.
So what should stay and what should be changed?
We will decide together, because we do it for You!
Our goal is to show you the new version of Interlude and to prove, that game can be better.

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