Interlude x25
Gracia Final x7


The One and Only GRACIA FINAL x7 - 26 OCTOBER!

Dear friends! We know how you love noisy events, that fascinate the mind, and carry fantasies and thoughts far beyond the limits of the forum. Such events, which can be remembered for ages.

With the new Grand Opening we will try to meet the key demands of even the most demanding:

  • System to fight against 3rd party software, which is constantly updated, permanent bans and сokehead bot-hunter (only here).
  • International community - CIS - Europe - China - America, Global never sleep ;)
  • We are not the OFF-server - we don't have annal donate, we appreciate you and always support.

Fast Facts:

PvP concept №1
Only once a year!

Why Gracia Final by E-Global is beyond competition?

Concept of х7 - allow everyone to enjoy the classy Gracia, but will never make you bored.
Well-balanced game-temp for every player.
Best and strongest communities, such as: RoA, League, X-Side
Global never sleep!
You will love out Support Team. Just give us a sign and we will be there for you ;)
Our goal - your comfort
Unique system of personal achievement, daily quests and author's events, actualization of skills and game mechanic.
Updated approach!
Permanent blocking for RMT and Soft-users.
Crime and Punishment.
Cyclic macros, ingame mail, pots autouse and other systems that have been created and updated just for you
Modern approach.
Newbie helper, updated magic support list, global teleports and chat, updated "looking for party" system and clan bunuses
Join the Global Club
We love and appreciate our players! That's why we have regular events, giveaways, bonuses for your activity at our social media, as well as one-time and loyalty bonus system for your donation.
Flexible system of rewards
There will be a lot of servers around us. But the worthy Event - is only One!! Do not miss - Gracia Final х7.

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