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Current Update

Comfortable game

In MasterWork, the rate of development is not tied to rates and changes from the stage of server development and it's economy. The strict maximum level limit in each patch allows all players to reach the upper limit of the main character development almost simultaneously.
Choose your path:
  • Main game — play at a comfortable tempo. You will not fall behind the bulk of players, even if you will devote a few hours a day to the game.
  • Hard mode — for lovers of challenge. After reaching the maximum basic level of the experience stage, the rate drops to x0.1-x0.01.
Do not relax reaching the coveted maximum level — you still have access to getting high grade gear through blood and pain.

Cruma Tower

October 27, 20:00 — November 5
At the beginning of the game lay the foundation for the game in the nearest patches. Enchanted sets are available and relevant longer than you used to. For fans of "thrills" is a great period for competition with top players for key locations and first positions in the ranking.

It will be useful to know:

  • Bonuses for academics
  • Quests «Temple Executor» and Missions
  • Effects of equipment enchantment

EXP Increased: 1-19 Levels

Main game: 20-56 Levels

Hard Mode: 56+ Levels

Actual: D/C-Grade

Difficult: B-Grade

New: Subclass quest

Frozen Labyrinth

November 6 — November 12
Now available comfortable creation of equipment B-Grade, there is an opportunity to occupy profitable locations for resource extraction without a level penalty. For those who like to become more difficult become the available loot of equipment A-Grade.

It will be useful to know:

  • New quest for subclass from level 52
  • Skill mechanics from subclasses
  • Monitoring of the Raid Bosses

EXP Increased: 1-39 Levels

Main game: 40-59 Levels

Hard Mode: 60+ Levels

Actual: C/B-Grade

Difficult: A-Grade

New: Castles Siege

Devil Pass

November 13 - November 19
A comfortable creation of A grade equipment is available, the markups for creating items of the current Grade have been simplified. Access to Pailaka - Legacy of the Devil and new Missions is now available. And at the end of the week, the first period of the Olympiad awaits you. The focus of attention of players shifts to the locations: ToI, LoA, BS, SoS, WoA, Devil Pass.

It will be useful to know:

  • Updated Olympiad
  • New Missions
  • Actual Stage Locations: ToI, LoA, BS, SoS, WoA, Devil Pass
  • Redesigned Devil Pass location

Experience increased: levels 1-52

Main game: levels 52-63

Difficulty mode: 64+ levels

Actual: C grade, B grade, A grade

New: Grand Olympiad


  • Pailaka - Legacy of the Devil levels 58-70
  • Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss) levels 63-66
  • Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss) level 69

Forest of the Dead

November 20 - November 26
As part of the update, merchants in cities have begun selling Top C grade equipment,Low B-Grade equipment has been added to the Luxury Shop. Players can expect content expansion: increase in the number of Instances and addition of Epic Boss, introduction of new author's location. Increased number of castles available for siege, for which the first Heroes of the Olympiad will fight.

It will be useful to know:

  • The new quest "High Ambition" in the Wall of Argos
  • Updated location "The Wall of Argos"
  • New location Cloud Mountain 68-72
  • Schuttgart and Innadril castles available
  • Epic Boss Zaken
  • Adding Instance Zones:
    • Castle dungeon
    • Fortress dungeon
    • Zaken

Experience increased: levels 1-56

Main game: 56-67 levels

Difficulty mode: 68+ levels

Actual: B grade, A grade

Difficult:Best weapon of A grade

New:First Heroes

New: Cloud Mountain location

Blazing Swamp

November 27-December 3
Access to the quest chain for gaining noblesse is opened. Do not forget to pump subclasses to the maximum available level - they are deprived of almost all the usual restrictions and are as relevant as the main class of your character. At the end of the week, everyone will be able to try their hand at the Grand Olympiad again.

It will be useful to know:

  • Quest for noblesse
  • Mechanics of skills from subclasses
  • Updated locations: Lair of Antaras, Stakato's Nest, Wall of Argos
  • Mid Company

Experience increased: levels 1-59

Main game: 60-69 levels

Difficult mode: 70+ levels

Actual: B grade, A

Olympiad: 2nd period

New: Noblesse quest

Tower of Insolence

December 4-December 10
The Kamael race becomes available for play. It's a good time to reconfigure your group for further development. Prepare for the 3rd class - the quest in the Hot Springs and the Alliance with Varka/Ketra are available from level 72. Level up one of the party's trust levels to unlock access to obtaining S grade recipes. For newcomers, the Elite Shop and Kits have been updated. For the bravest of the brave, the number of castles to siege has been increased and the ability to craft S Grade at an increased cost to fight in it for the new Epic Boss is available.

It will be useful to know:

  • Alliance with Varka / Ketra
  • Skills of the Camael race
  • Castle of Goddard.
  • Creating S Grade items

Experience increased: 1-63 levels

Main game: 64-71 levels

Difficulty mode: 72+ levels

Actual: A grade

New: Top B equipment in a Luxury Shop

New: Epic Boss Baium

New Race: Kamael

Hot Springs

December 11-December 17
Starting from level 74, you will be able to farm high level Interlude locations. The first heroes of the Kamael race will be chosen this week based on the results of the Olympiad. For those who like to play harder, S grade equipment with increased crafting cost is available. Quests in Varca/Ketra are available from level 72.

The highlights of PvP are here:

  • Forge of the Gods, Imperial Tomb
  • Monastery of Silence, Pagan Temple
  • Primeval Island

Experience increased: 1-65 levels

Main game: 66-74 levels

Difficult mode: 75+ levels

Actual: A grade

Difficult: S grade

Olympiad: 3rd period

New: Instance Zaken 73+

Varka & Ketra

December 18-December 24
You can now get your 3rd class transfer and start enchanting skills. Creating S grade equipment is available to everyone at standard prices. The server is transitioning from the Traits system (IL-Like) to the Attribute system (HF-Like). Attributes still cannot be inserted into equipment, but skill enhancement and attribute acquisition are now available. To obtain recipes, you need to get a level 4 and 5 alliance with Varka or Ketra, so you'll have battles to fight for the right raid bosses. At the end of the week, Clans and Alliances will battle it out in Castle Sieges.

Would be useful to know:

  • Reworked skill enchanting branches
  • S grade equipment obtaining methods
  • Conditions and respawning of RBs in Varka/Ketra
  • From Traits to Attributes

Experience increased: levels 1-67

Main game: 68-75 levels

Difficult mode: 76+ levels

Actual: A grade, S grade

Battles: Castle Siege

New: Attribute attack

New: Antharas

Forge of Gods

December 25-January 7
The week before New Year's Eve is not a good time to play actively, so there will be no major updates for the next 2 weeks! It's time to enjoy the preparation for the holidays, the New Year's atmosphere and the event. At a leisurely pace get level 78 and get access to the strongest skills of your class. For those who maintain the gaming mood, new instances are now open.

Special for you:

  • New Year event
  • Vacation from Sieges, Epics, and Olympiads until January 5th.
  • Instance of Bailor

Experience increased: levels 1-69

Main game: levels 70-77

Difficult Mode: levels 78+

Actual: S grade

New: Access to level 78 skills

New: First Territorial Wars

New: Locations Isle Of Prayer & Chromatic Hightlands


Hellbound: Enchanted Megaliths

January 8 - January 21
After the holidays, you can gradually return to your usual rhythm. The possibility of inserting Attribute Stones is introduced, the dropping of which has been added to popular locations FoG, Pagan, MoS, IT. New instances open up that will help gear up and enhance your character, so as not to lag behind others or break ahead! A new period of the Olympiad starts on January 11, and Olympic jewelry opens up new opportunities for character development.

Especially for you:

  • Insertion of Attribute Stones
  • Improved drop rates in locations FoG, Pagan, MoS, IT.
  • Olympiad
  • New Instances

Experience increased: Levels 1-71

Main game: Levels 72-79

Hard mode: Level 80 and above

Relevant: S-rank

New: Attribute Equipment

New: Epic Boss Frintezza

Instance: Baylor and Twins

Hellbound: Battered Lands

January 22 - February 4
Long-awaited Merge Water & Fire. Access to level 80 skills opens up new possibilities. Chimeras are available in the Hellbound location, create Dynasty equipment and become stronger! You can test your skills and implement a new character boost in the battle for the new Epic Boss and new location

Especially for you:

  • Hellbound: Battered Lands
  • Level 80 skills
  • Dynasty equipment

Experience increased: Levels 1-73

Main game: Levels 74-80

Hard mode: Level 80+ and above

Relevant: S-rank

Important: Merge Water & Fire

New: Dynasty Equipment

New: Epic Boss Valakas

New: Fairy Settlement

Hellbound: Battered Lands: Part 3

February 5 - February 25
Reach level 80 and sharpen your skills! Dynasty fragments have been added to drops in all high-level Instances, significantly easing equipment crafting. Develop your character to participate in battles for spots in new and modified locations, and the bravest can challenge themselves in the Great Olympiad or Epic Boss battles. Additionally, a thematic event awaits all players on February 14.

Especially for you:

  • Improved drops in Instances
  • Simplified acquisition of Dynasty equipment
  • Holiday event

Increased experience: Levels 1-76

Main game: Levels 76-81

Hard mode: Level 81 and above

Relevant: S-grage and Dynasty

Important: Simplified acquisition of Dynasty

New: Holiday Event

Crypts of Disgrace

February 12 - February 18
In the latest season update, players can look forward to a festive event that will enhance your gaming session and will last from February 12 to February 26. Numerous simplifications have been added for novice players, ranging from improving starting equipment and consumables to increasing experience gained in Pailak and the ability to purchase Subclass and Third Profession. An updated location, Crypts of Disgrace, suitable for groups of level 78 and above, has been introduced. The monsters in this location will efficiently level up characters and gather the necessary materials for crafting Dynasty equipment.

Especially for you:

  • Simplification of the development of new characters
  • Revamped location - Crypts of Disgrace
  • Festive event

Increased experience: Levels 1-76

Main game: Levels 76-81

Hard mode: Level 81 and above

Relevant: S rank and Dynasty

New: Festive Event

New: Crypts of Disgrace

Anomic Foundry

February 19 - February 25
At this stage, you should consider creating Icarus weapons and Moirai equipment to enhance your character! New locations have been added for both groups and solo players to help improve new equipment and simultaneously participate in the ongoing event until February 26. Don't waste time, challenge new monsters and opponents in the Great Olympiad!

Especially for you:

  • Anomic Foundry and Giant's Cave
  • Icarus weapons and Moirai equipment
  • Olympiad

Experience increased: Levels 1-76

Main game: Levels 76-81

Hard mode: Levels 81+

Relevant: S grade and Dynasty

New: Giant's Cave

New: Anomic Foundry


February 26 - March 3
Icarus and Moirai equipment remain a top priority acquisition, and significantly increased rates for levels 60-80 will help you progress towards them. Initial missions have also been updated, and the range of starting equipment has been expanded, making it easier to catch up with the main player base. The new Instance Zone Tiat has been introduced, making equipment acquisition much easier and providing a great way to spend your gaming session.

Especially for you:

  • Top A rank in Luxor
  • Update of starting kits
  • TV and sieges

Experience increased: Levels 1-79

Main game: Levels 80-82

Hard mode: 82+ levels

Relevant: S rank and Dynasty

Important: Comfortable start

New: Tiat

Monastery of Silence

March 4 - March 10
This week marks the gathering of 150+ Attributes, and special attention should be given to SoDy, as it is one of the most profitable events. An updated and improved location, Monastery of Silence, has been introduced, suitable for both solo players and organized groups. Numerous skills have been enhanced, making the game even more fair, and new character development opportunities will arise through refining the updated skills.

Specially for you:

  • Gathering 150+ Attributes
  • Grand Olympiad
  • Skill updates

Increased Experience: Levels 1-79

Main Gameplay: Levels 80-82

Hard Mode: Levels 82+

Relevant: S-rank and Dynasty

Important: Grand Olympiad

New: Gathering 150+ Attributes

New: Monastery of Silence


March 11 - March 17
At this point, exchanging Attribute Crystals becomes available, SoD becomes increasingly important, and increasingly spectacular fights take place over fountains. A new Epic Boss, Beleth, is introduced and will be another challenge for clans and alliances. A lot of useful in the form of top equipment, consumables and Epic Jewelry - a worthy reward for victory. Opened location Sel Mahum Traning Grounds, great for farming any class to quickly create Moirai equipment.

Special for you:

  • The exchanging of Attribute Crystals
  • Increasing the attack of Heroic Weapons
  • Skill Upgrade

Experience increased: levels 1-79

Main game: 80-82 levels

Hard mode: 82+ levels

Relevant: Dynasty and Moirai

Important: The exchanging of Attribute Crystals

New: Sel Mahum Traning Grounds

New: Beleth

Lair of Antharas

March 18th - March 24th
The upcoming week is filled with events, unveiling a lot of new content. A new instance has been added - Queen Ant, which is a significant addition to the already available Instance zones, greatly aiding in the development of your character. Several new locations have been opened, bringing forth a multitude of emotions from battles for spots. Welcome to the expanses of Beast Farm, DV, LoA, and Plains of Lizardmen, where drops range from complete equipment to parts for crafting from Moirai to Vesper.

Especially for you:

  • Instance Queen Ant
  • New locations
  • Simplification of development

Experience increased: Levels 1-80

Main game: Levels 81-83

Hard mode: Levels 83+

Relevant: Dynasty and Moirai

New: Locations DV, LoA, Plains of Lizardmen, Beast Farm

New: Instance Queen Ant

Seven Signs

March 25th - March 31st
Mid-S84 weapons have been added to all Epic bosses, while Valakas, Antharas, and Beleth now also drop Top-S84 weapons - it's the final stretch in developing your character's offensive capabilities. Therefore, it's important not to forget to keep your skill enchantments at the maximum possible level for your character's level. The Tiat encounter has been simplified to leave you with more time for mass events and leveling up. Development has been made easier for newcomers; the entire functionality of the Adventurers Guide is now available up to level 76, including teleports, an improved range of weapons in the Ivory Store, and increased monster levels in the Pavel Ruins location.

Especially for you:

  • Shortened Tiat encounter
  • Mid and Top S84 Weapons
  • Simplified development

Experience increased: Levels 1-80

Main game: Levels 81-83

Hard mode: Level 83+

Relevant: Dynasty and Moirai

New: Pavel Ruins

New: Enhanced Ivory Weapons

Seed of Annihilation

April 8th - April 29th
Leveling up to level 85 is now open and development up to level 82 has been simplified, marking the final stretch. Epic Boss levels have been increased and rewards revised; controlling Epics is crucial for obtaining top-tier gear. Full completion of the Epic quest is now available, allowing players to gather items for Personal Epic Jewelry. SoA and a spot with Kariks have been introduced, indicating it's time to enhance Vorpal armor for Attack or Defense. A new instance - Frintezza - has been added, allowing anyone to challenge the boss with their friends.

Especially for you:

  • Frintezza Instance
  • Full Epic Quest
  • Enhancement of Vorpal armor for Attack and Defense

Experience increased: Levels 1-81

Main game: Levels 82-85

Relevant: Moirai and Vesper

New: SoA & Kariks

New: Frintezza Instance

Seed of Annihilation part 2

April 15th - April 21st
The upcoming week brings only minor incremental updates and improvements. The durability of besieged castle structures has been increased, which should be taken into account during the next sieges. Another period of the Grand Olympiad begins on Thursday, where characters fully reveal themselves, reaching level 85.

Especially for you:

  • Grand Olympiad
  • Personal Epic Jewelry Exchange

Experience increased: Levels 1-81

Main game: Levels 82-85

Relevant: Moirai and Vesper

New: Personal Epic Jewelry Exchange


April 22nd - April 28th
The next stage is quite significant, as the opportunity to install three protective Attributes into S+ grade armor opens up, along with encountering a new Boss - Freya, both as a world Boss and an Instance. Attention should be paid to the innovations; adding the 3rd protective Attribute significantly affects the strength and playstyle of characters, and Freya is a good way to develop your character. Generous, diverse drops and upgrading SA to level 18 contribute to creating top-tier equipment.

Especially for you:

  • Insertion of three protective Attributes
  • Freya
  • Territory wars and sieges

Experience increased: Levels 1-81

Main game: Levels 82-85

Relevant: Moirai, Vesper, and Vorpal

New: Freya

The Forbidden Gateway

April 29th - May 5th
The upcoming week brings about a rate update, making it easier to catch up with top players or simply level up your character. The upcoming period of the Grand Olympiad is important, as the characteristics of Heroic Weapons and "Valor" will be strengthened. Additionally, the ability to purchase Vesper armor for Tokens will be added, followed by Vorpal on May 13th. Locations such as the Forbidden Gateway, Pavel Ruins, Archaic Laboratory, and Mithril Mines are being updated, allowing for the acquisition of new types of enchantments. The cherry on top is the quest for Eternal weapons, which feature combined SA and unlock the characters' power in a new way. Don't stand aside, try out all the innovations!

Especially for you:

  • Grand Olympiad and changes
  • Enchantment system
  • Location updates

Experience increased: Levels 1-83

Main game: Levels 84-85

Relevant: Moirai, Vesper, and Vorpal

New: Eternal weapons

New: Hot Spot


May 6th - May 19th
The new stage isn't rich in innovations, but some of them are fundamental. Two changes have affected the parameters of Magical Defense Jewelry: there have been conceptual changes in the Magical Defense of certain Jewelry, and moreover, they coincided with a seasonal increase in Magical Defense. We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the update. A new instance, Trasken, is introduced, which boasts good drops and will be an excellent support in character development. Numerous missions related to Trasken have been added. Additionally, prices for talismans have been updated, and new ones have been added. The chances of enhancing SA in instances have also been adjusted. At the end of the week, Territory Wars and Castle Sieges await you.

Especially for you:

  • Territory Wars and Castle Sieges
  • Trasken
  • Price Update

Experience increased: Levels 1-83

Main game: Levels 84-85

Relevant: Moirai, Vesper, and Vorpal

New: Trasken

New: New Missions

As You Wish

May 20 - May 31
The final stage of the season has arrived, our team is actively preparing for the server merge and is giving players the opportunity to do the same. A generous event is introduced that significantly speeds up development and helps players prepare for the merge. The ability to augment Epic jewelry has been added, as well as a new type of LS, thanks to which item skills can be obtained with a 100% chance. Small price adjustments in game stores help players get better equipment faster, don't waste time, it's the perfect time to go hunting!

Especially for you:

  • Territorial Wars and Sieges
  • "As You Wish" Event
  • Changes in the Augmentation System

Experience Increased: Levels 1-83

Main Game: Levels 84-85

Relevant: Moirai, Vesper, and Vorpal

New: Augmentation of Epic Jewelry

New: New Type of Life Stones


May 31
The final stage of server development is approaching - the merger with the Eternal server. We have done a lot of work to update the prices and assortment in the game shops. The duration of clan penalties has also been revised for the convenience of players in the post-merger period, and the Academy rewards have been improved. Right after the merger, players will face sieges, followed by a week of classic game events.

Especially for you:

  • Sieges
  • Olympiad
  • Game shop updates
  • World and Epic Bosses
  • Temporary zones

Experience increased: Levels 1-83

Main game: Levels 84-85

Relevant: Vorpal and Elegia

New: Updater changes


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