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  • Logo Gracia Final x7
    Bonus for newbies!Gracia Final x10Online now: 1605

Once a Year - We open a real Hardore!

  • Rates : Exp x7, Adena x5, Drop x4, Spoil x3, Attribute x2-3;
  • Gameplay : Balance improvement, new game content & familiar features;
  • Events : Better olympiad, epic bosses changes, unique events;
  • Platform: : PTS Gracia Final based on Grand Crusade;
Our features in 18 seconds!
Player Statistics Online
Your last chance
Your last chance to join the most interesting Big War in the history of all times!
Looks nice & no lags
High FPS, auto cache clearing and stylish interface on new Grand Crusade client
Game balance
Frequent and fair game balance updates aimed to make the game more comfortable
Epics and raids
Reworked AQ with personal reward, opportunity to upgrade Orfen / Core, SA 10-13 levelling is much easier
Zaken for everyone
Now any player has access to Epic Boss Zaken thanks to two new instances!
Grand Olympiad periods week after week. New bonuses and olympiad store!
Recognizable E-global features
Everything you used to: achievements, daily quests, cyclic macro, auto CP/HP potions, Clan Unity and a lot more!
Faster development!
Extended newbie buff helps you grind and any player can become noblesse without doing quest after territory wars for 50 TW badges
Unique events
A good portion of new events will make gameplay more joyful for you and your friends
Battle Pass
Gather coins from monsters and get rare costumes. Assortment updated every week!
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