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    Faction War 24/7[GvE] Glory WorldOnline now: 0

Real PvP battle for players of any Chronicles and Rates!

New Season:
  • Idea of the game : Confrontation of two factions - Fire and Water
  • Development : 61 level from start, leveling character in PvP
  • Update : 1001 fixes, fractions and classes balance and a lot more.
  • Game client : play on optimized Classic 2.0 game client!
All server features in 18 seconds!
New game world - the usual rules.
Our own development for fans of >any chronicles and rates.
Fire or Water?
At the very beginning you choose the faction for which you have to fight.
Tutoring in a couple of clicks
Spending 10 minutes of time, you can easily figure out how it works.
The main point is PvP.
Continuous confrontation of factions throughout the map.
Protect Outposts
Any player can capture an outpost, and the whole Faction will receive bonuses!
A single siege on the entire server.
It's so cool when 400 people are fighting on an epic or castle.
To the Victory.
The system of confrontation counts the contribution of each player to the victory of his side.
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