Rare server from E-Global,
crafted according to the recipe of the best NCSoft chronicles

The name "MasterWork" is an analogy with a rare item from the L2 world, a product that was combined from several valuable elements and with a certain
chance became better and more valuable among others. The value is the decision to logically link the most beloved chronicles of our youth,
Interlude - Gracia - H5 through stages. Quality is our ability to maintain the core message of Korean publisher NCSoft in the golden age of the game.

20 November


Your attention is presented interactive map describing the input of game content L2 MasterWork

PAY ATTENTION! Limiting locations on the map is a formality
(displays actual locations, but not their limitation).


Key features of MasterWork,
complementing the familiar universe with innovations

1What is the Game about?

Reducing to a simple thesis: IL -> GF -> HF The chronicles of the golden times are taken as a basis, which are sequentially revealed by the players as the game is saturated with the mined content.

There are 3 global stages in total - each is divided into 2 phases, with restrictions both by level and by location (there are 6 phases in total for the server).

The main idea is that we connect the chronicles with each other the way Koreans could have done if in 2006 they knew what the game would turn into in 2020.

2How long to about?

2 hours a day is enough, to feel your impact on the server. This is a low rate that is never too late to start, and there is no cap on achievements if you have already started.

The concept is designed for a game from 4 months, and the final stage of the HF is a separate "branch" of updates, where each new launch> a race that ends with a united server.

It doesn't matter at which of the 6 stages you joined the game, when switching to a new one, the previous one is simplified due to the system of dynamic rates and facilitated extraction of equipment, play immediately at the current stage.

3How to play?

You need to play with your head and hands.

With a thoughtful balance, your favorite profession is more relevant than you are used to, and the gradual discovery of content through stages will allow any class to develop deeper than you are used to.

At the same time, you will have opportunity to feel the value of each grade, as in the good old days, when for "Peril" you could have sex right in the computer club.

4For what to play?

Lively and fair competition without administration lobbies and purchased "pro-players" is a really valuable argument, think about it.

The second argument is already on your judgment: On the usual IL, GF, HF - You change clothes up to 3 times, and a juicy war between clans is revealed already on the final Grade.

Our game competition is built in such a way that for the entire server you will fully change your clothes 8 times - each of which you have time to feel.

5Who to play with?

Playing together is mutually beneficial. The group does not have to be permanent, and the clan does not have to be "from the big war".

Nevertheless, in any community you have more bonuses and opportunities than you are used to:

  • The Academy will reward both you and the clan with valuable items.
  • Group instances and boss rewards have been updated.
  • A new look at pets, LS, CH, Forts, Fortresses and more.
  • Emphasis on communities that play for the Game.
  • Advanced clan and alliance systems.


L2 Economy - is a balance between the production and outflow of adena and coins. We have treated this as a separate concept and think, that it is important to update the server-to-server output tools.

At the same time, we put the main emphasis on:

  • Balanced donation service, which is obtained by purchase - must be obtained by game.
  • Exchange of game values with the lowest commission - each item obtained has a real value.
  • Living community where the influx of players is higher than the outflow, which allows saturating the economy.


  • Modern Grand Crusade client - better graphics, less lags.
  • Our support is felt throughout the entire server.
  • The bot doesn't work, but check it out.
  • Exchange with a minimum%.
  • Author's events tailored to the needs of the server "here and now".A forum where you can write good content and earn game currency.
  • We pay attention to such important details:
    • Gemstone D are not like SoP
    • Convenient exchange of reagents, CA and key resources

Magic ball

Full list of prizes

Before the game!

You have 7 tries.

7 tries


Receiving prizes!

Take these gifts from the Master Account at the start of the server, and go to the Open Test to get an additional bonus!


Items obtained from the Magic Ball are stored here. Prizes will be sent to the warehouse of your Master account after registration. After starting the server, transfer the prizes from the warehouse to your character in 1 click. It is important to note, that some items will be bound to your account.

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