Rare server from E-Global,
crafted according to the recipe of the best NCSoft chronicles

The name "MasterWork" is an analogy with a rare item from the L2 world, a product that was combined from several valuable elements and with a certain
chance became better and more valuable among others. The value is the decision to logically link the most beloved chronicles of our youth,
Interlude - Gracia - H5 through stages. Quality is our ability to maintain the core message of Korean publisher NCSoft in the golden age of the game.

20 November


Your attention is presented interactive map describing the input of game content L2 MasterWork

PAY ATTENTION! Limiting locations on the map is a formality
(displays actual locations, but not their limitation).

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Lineage 2: MasterWork

Its not just numbers - it is a history of great wins!

32911 Unique
players in total

We can hardly believe but this number of players have visited our MasterWork server.

6000 people

After seventeen days of stable work, online is holding steady at 5800-6300 players.

350 new registrations
every day

Our audience keeps growing and we have up to 500 newly registered accounts every day.

1217 characters
fighting for Epic Boss

Absolute record on Queen Ant. It was so hot that people said we caused global warming.

2100 participants

Grand Olympiad in one period. 80037 total points gained across 22431 wins.

500 active
clans and communities

Here you can find yourself group or community of any kind and any playstyle.

Why do all these players choose Masterwork? Lively and fair competition without administration favourites or paid "tryhards", stable online after 2 months - sounds good, right?.

MasterWork - its the next generation Big-War!

Thanks to game updates and a new server policy, we have hundreds of clans for different play styles
Big-War is dozens of clans in 4 alliances, all of them have unique history and approach to the game

LowRateMakeMeAGR (L2team clan)

E-global old-timer, for many years this clan accumulates casual players that always stay on our server till the end. Their leader L2teamStorm always well organizes players with low online, where everyone knows how to have fun in this game. He always helps fresh players with good advice. He is also good at gathering clan for any events, bosses fights, holding locations this man knows how to handle with 200 in his Command Channel.

NoBigDeal (OldSchool Clan)

This clan has been playing on our servers for already 4 years. They went from a small mid war clan to a serious big war participant on Masterwork. Even though they dont yet have big wins but current clan composition is greatly motivated and ready to win. Despite the fact that clan has players from all over the world, they always find a way to communicate and understand each other.

RiseSide (Rise clan)

Legendary Rise clan (Franz, BlackBird, Gran Kain) could not stand aside and together with Heaven clan made their alliance. Later Safero and League clan joined them. The alliance leader Tellz showed the highest level of respect for his oponents and scored hundred percent behavior points. He also set an insane moderation record - he did not use any curse word for two weeks. Rise clan used to play for a long time and not going to change project, they gonna stay till the end.

Ally (RiseOfSun clan)

Leader Nymph — Averia veteran, who played on retail servers for a long time. The idea to remember the old times on Masterwork turned out for them with active Big War participation. They also have «KKK» clan in their alliance, big part of this clan are players from DanielDefos Kingdom servers. They prefer quality PTS servers with good communities and warm atmosphere in Lineage 2 world!

Plans for a long-term game unites us.
Do not miss your chance to make history of Lineage 2: Masterwork together with us!

Gracia: race and new challenges

We think that Lineage 2 is for playing, but not for quick walkthrough.
This idea is reflected in our concept where the game session is divided into Stages, each of them is a new life for Masterwork.
Each stage is kind of race, so players dont need to change servers in order to find satisfaction.

The opening of the Gracia stage will go smoothly into several updates (25.01 and 05.02), to keep game fresh with new content.

Event name
Event description
Dynamic rates and cap
Level cap and EXP rates will be increased to level 79. The lower your level, the easier it is to catch up
January 25
Craft S-grade
Default craft cost. No more 60% recipes with the cost of 100%.
January 25
Instance zones rework
New instance "Path to Baylor", pailaka 73-77, fortress and castle dungeons with personal cooldown for each group
January 25
Gracia content
Hellbound opened, new farming spots available. On Gracia you can confront The Twins, "Path to Baylor" final boss now also available.
February 5
Attribute farm and inserting
Insert attribute into B-gr / A-gr weapons up to 150/300, and armors up to 30/60. S-gr unchanged - weapons 150/300, armors 60/120
February 5
Battles for epic jewelry sets
Added Antharas and Frintezza epic bosses. Level and drop increased, Core and Orfen became instance zones
February 5
Territory wars and siges
Aden and Rune castles now available for siege, territory wars on saturdays with updated TW Manager store
February 5

MasterWork — This is serious

Advertising attracts a lot of fresh players with every update.
Bonus system for new and returning players helps to catch up quickly.
This helps us to hold 5500+ players online for that long time.

During the first 60 days of server lifetime we released 41 patches with updates and fixes.
Each class got up to 30 changes in skills and mechanics and now all of them have more potential then before.

A step ahead

Best Gracia updates, new client, no bots

Easy for newbies

We give a real boost, not a fiction. Escape velocity Experience

Play smoothly

You dont need to hurry, this server is not a «Sprint», its a «Marathon»

Sharing with players

Trade safely on the market. We paid our players nearly 30k Euro.

Magic ball

Full list of prizes

Before the game!

You have 7 tries.

7 tries


Receiving prizes!

Take these gifts from the Master Account at the start of the server, and go to the Open Test to get an additional bonus!


Items obtained from the Magic Ball are stored here. Prizes will be sent to the warehouse of your Master account after registration. After starting the server, transfer the prizes from the warehouse to your character in 1 click. It is important to note, that some items will be bound to your account.

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