Annual journey through content from ะก1 to H5

This is what players of Lineage 2 golden age been waiting for more than 10 years


Your attention is presented interactive map describing the input of game content L2 MasterWork

PAY ATTENTION! Limiting locations on the map is a formality
(displays actual locations, but not their limitation).

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What is MasterWork

Annual season of autumn calibration

Portal to the world of Elmoreden with a challenge to go the way of the golden age from C1 to H5

Ancestor of the age

Merges and updates - are the pillars of the long-term game. Its never too late to start

1 of 100 small

Frequent updates and new content, improvements during the whole season

Hop in right now, its really easy

Easy start

Easy development without any troubles, you will have level 65+ and will become part of community

Gifts for new players

Start with everything you need: free B, A-gr equipment, vitality and runes. Class change for free.

A project with love

Daily rewards, achievements and quests. Increased rates and big discounts during weekends

Epic - its simple

S/S80 easy to obtain or buy from other players. Epic jewelry is accessible for everyone - Core, Orfen, Baylor, AQ

How to start properly?

MasterWork - infographics and history of our

40 000 Unique players in half a year

The number of players who tried and loved Masterwork in these 6 month is amazing. Thank you for your support and choice!

Over 220k Euro payments from Market

You no longer need to put yourself at risk by trading on third-party resources. Now you can safely trade on the Masterwork Market.

14381 solved support tickets

Our support is always ready to help you to solve any kind of problems as soon as possible. You wont be ignored.

55 important game updates on Masterwork

Hundreds of updates aimed on gameplay improvement made during this season.

284 196 total time spent by players in-game

Civilization evolved in 728 years from medieval to the present. Thats how long people played on MasterWork

1 500 000 PVP
Achievement completed

Clan fights for epic bosses and local fights for farming spots, or just for a single monster in Cruma tower. Result:
PVP count on server - 1 500 000!

MasterWork - latest important updates

Beleth Update

Dear friends!
Introducing new open-world Epic Boss!
Location: Hellbound Isle, Old Hidden Oasis (between Enchanted Megalith and Sand Swept Dunes)

More details

Tiat Update

Dear friends!
New update with RB Tiat and attribute gathering SoD stage, some skills improvements and Epic Bosses schedule changes to give you more spare time for exping and PvP.

More details

Anomic Foundry

Dear friends!
We are glad to inroduce you new farming zone on Hellbound Isle - Anomic Foundry. This zone contains several different spots, where you can earn decent XP and try your luck with Icarus weapons crafting.

More details

Arcan City

Dear friends!
New city added to the game, in this city you will have access to various instance-zones and other interesting stuff.

More details

Core Update

Dear friends!
Introducing new exclusive instance-zone - Dimensional Strangers - Core
In this zone you will be able to obtain useful items, good XP and also epic jewelry - Ring Of Core

More details

Orfen Update

Dear friends!
We are glad to present new exclusive instance-zone Dimensional Strangers - Orfen
In this zone you will be able to obtain useful items, good XP and also epic jewelry - Earring of Orfen

More details

Lucky Gardens

Dear friends!
Introducing new system for new and returning players. By creating this system, we wanted to make a comfortable start for new players and allow players who want to finish their sub-class to do so as quickly as possible.

More details

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