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  1. Раздел Администрации

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  2. Lineage 2: MasterWork — Осень 2020

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      Забери подарки к старту - Тут!
      Испытай свою удачу с магическим шаром Таро!

    3. Предложения и решения

      Fault => Suggestions => Discussions

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  3. Таверна “Магический встречный пожар”

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      Начни своё общение здесь - расскажи о себе

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      За качественные работы в разделе предназначены награды в виде форумной валюты.

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  4. International Section – Lineage 2 MasterWork

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      Free Gifts is Here!
      Try your luck with |Taro| Magic ball.

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  • E-Global Chat Room

    E-Global Chat Room

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    • Subclass/Noblesse (UTC +2)

      Flame of Splendor, Barakiel
      Respawn c 15:31 to 17:31
      Ghost Knight Kabed
      Respawn c 12:20 to 16:20
      Respawn c 16:21 to 20:21
      Respawn c 14:40 to 18:40
      Respawn c 18:20 to 22:20
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      • Отпишись wick3d или тут как будет актуально
      • Hello there yesterday i started playing a Kamael race as a Arbalester. But i've notice that something not right. they are few things: 1.Dmg of the Kamael is really low even whit wep c grade +10 and armor set thats gives me str +4 2. Real Target skills  removing from RB really fast after 2-5 sec from the cast that's never been in L2 hestoy. 3. As well the missing normal atak shots from same as mine lvl mobs or lower as well that never happen in every server i did play. and when they are close to me there is canceling mine attacks and and skills and dmg is reduced dramatically , 4. Warp skill have some kinda deley from the time of the cast skill and when u running from the group of mobs the game do some glitching.  and as well u cant use warp skill when u walking upon a hills or claiming stairs. 5. And why Kamaels doesn't have there's buffs/ skill that they are 76+ skills to be learn on low lvl same as most of the players of the games characters. that not really fair . not good balance.  Kind Regards  KaiSa 
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      • В кп нужен джуд , пт 19 -01 "Sn1k
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