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    CP LF EE Greek/English

    Hello add me on skype so we can talk skype: MOURNFUL13
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    CP LF EE Greek/English

    Hello melee cp lf elven elder (ee) last slot greek/english communication teamspeak skype: MOURNFUL13
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    Hello everyone as the title says im looking for cp i can spend about 8-10 hours per day in-game everyday. Im able to play all classes but mostly supports (elven elder,bishop,wc,bd,sws) skype: MOURNFUL13
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    MAGE CP LF 1 member

    Prime time: 19:30-02:00 skype: MOURNFUL13 *If you dont know how to play on mage cp please dont send message
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    Daily active over 14 hours if needed. Can play everything/drive or main spoil. skype: MOURNFUL13
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    Archer Pack LF Clan

    as the title says,archer pack 9/9 +4 drivers lf active clan who offers pvp and fun times with opportunities... skype: MOURNFUL13 or pm ingame "w0w for more info :)
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    International Archer Pack

    closed for now
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    International Archer Pack

    up looking for SWS last slot !
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    Wrong region problem?

    done thx
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    Wrong region problem?

    solution for wrong region problem that we cant log in game?
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    International Archer Pack

    up (looking for 10th members)
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    International Archer Pack

    SETUP: Arba - taken SR - taken Saggi - taken BD - taken SWS - taken HK - taken EE - taken BP - taken WC - taken Driver position are covered ( got 4-5 drivers ) 19:00-01:00 GMT+2 SKYPE: MOURNFUL13
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    Greek cp lf

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    Mage pack lf actives

    After a long time of pause on this game,main core of RedSky clan will start again playing on l2-eglobal. skype: MOURNFUL13 lf all classes as we want to compare to the current players we have. GMT+2 .... 19:00-01:00