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    Login Server Down ?

    Cant Log in to accound
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    Olympic fight with singer?

    yyyy perma ban, Server is not dead enough ?
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    Cardi 80 LF english speaking, or PL Const PT

    UP Prime Time 18 : 00 to 24 : 00 ( meaby longer ) Monday and Wednesday 12 h +
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    Cardi 80 LF english speaking, or PL Const PT

    Cardi 80 + noble / Arcanca Robe / Dc robe /Tateo PM here
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    Nobles with 50 items only?

    " Nooble will cost 100 next month " Sory guys that was only made for GM 's Pets Lague to take noble easy.. Next mouth will be all ok.
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    Pagans & Hellbound Fights

    Thank you !
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    Pagans & Hellbound Fights

    nice Fights. Could you share plz your clour system, 4th skill bar etc ?
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    Bonuses for Newbies on Gracia Final x7!

    Hello. In my oppinion and i think many other ppl this : " 8th October, after the morning restart, the dynamic rates system will be initiate on server. Furthermore every newly created character will receive a nice bonuses right from the beginning of the gaming. " Shoud be add for every...