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  1. awww he cant spend half an hour for the event? damn u work him like a slave, poor guy :(
  2. After reading your announcement post i can already see u didnt change your attitude one bit, this H5 server will only be another "paid betatest" by the players. Just u wait in the fall, there will be another "grand" opening... I must applaud to your PR team, cause ppl r still comming to your servers even tho they r doomed from the start. U do make a great PR campaings, but your servers r only money-milking machines. I understand its a business for u and u have to make profit, but u dont have to fck the server(s) up in the process, but u choose to do it, since starting a new server every f
  3. And yet another 1000000000000000000th topic where OP is crying about how interlude works and how unfair something is ... dont play on it if u dont like it. Srsly ppl grow up already.
  4. Thats pretty stupid way to go around it, i wanted to see what ppl write in shout, but only in the normal vicinity, not from every corner of the game. But as the time passed since this was implemented, ppl who still play here r actually reasonable enough to not abuse this and cause bad experience to others, so we r ok for the moment, but there were couple instances, where some idiots just spammed 24/7 in shout=global chat and when we tried to /mute him, it didnt work and we still saw what he was writing, so it can go bad really easy really fast ... tellin us to disable shout chat all toge
  5. ofc they will, its more money this way and stupid players will pay for another start so why not, keeping a healthy long lasting server is not profitable ...
  6. Well reflectin on my rant here, i dont think it wasnt justified, but i must say, that im positively surprised by the remaining community to not abuse the global chat as i thought they would, so thank you ppl!
  7. Hello, so as i see, u decided to "solve" the afk "problem" on CtF event by freezing the "afk" characters for 7 hours. Wow .. just wow. The following will be a bit longer text, but i have a lot of thoughts on this and on the event itself, which i hope u will read and consider, thanks. The problem of the event and why ppl were "raging" about afk players is that the teams r NOT created equally. I tried to adress this issue right when the event started and i got a responce that u are not able to do anything about the division of players into teams, to make it more fair or spread supports etc.
  8. Merge with Interlude x25 ... muhahahaha
  9. Which boss do u like to ride the most?
  10. Still not workin :) and in the EN topic about the Dark Invasion, it says, that Invasion should happen at Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and here it says only Friday and Sunday. I assume u cut the Wednesday one, since this Wednesday there was no Invasion? If so, u should correct the info in the specific topic as well ;-)
  11. It didnt work on GFx7 either ... entire xmass there was an event and the event NPC didnt spawn so noone rly participated ...
  12. On one server iv been, there was a "dice event", GM announced the event is gonna happen and selcted like first 20 ppl who PMed him (the select part can be done differently) and ported them all to the colliseum, where he made "barriers" to set the "game space". Then he would draw "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" numbers (just dots as the numbers r represented on the dice) on the ground (that was made from adena, here it would have to be made from SO or smthng) and then he would say "start" and ppl would go and stand on one of the numbers. Then GM would roll the dice and whichever number would he roll, a
  13. Yet another topic, where u QQ about how something works on IL ... why the hell do u play that chronicle then, if u dont like how it works? *sigh*
  14. The link to the specific topic about Dark Invasion is only for RU version, not like for CtF event where u can switch between RU/EN ;-)
  15. The listed win condition doesnt exactly work ... "To win you need to capture the enemies’ flag 3 times, and if within 30 minutes neither of the teams reaches this goal, the winner will be a squad which will destroy the most of counter force!" When u get 3 flags, u dont win, the game continues. The team that has the most flags at the end of the time limit (which is 20 minutes btw, not 30) wins. Also if no team gets a flag, the match ends in the draw, neither team gettin a reward. So you should either fix this or rewrite the info about the win condition both here and on the ingame NPC to
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