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  1. Ahhh... when I asked admins a few weeks ago, he referred me to a post where they said, and i quote: "I want to assure you that we will not stop working on the server and make it better as long as there are active players on it. At this moment we are not working on a new server and we are not preparing something for summer (other than announcement ;)). We are glad to support you and trying to create better place for players to enjoy our server." But i guess they were talking about summer only? Does that mean they still plan on opening a GF in autumn? (Oct / Nov) ?
  2. Doesnt look like it mate, come play with me. :)
  3. Need 1 - 2 players to main pt. Classes are flexible. We have characters with top gear (lvl 81 - 83) just need active players. Our setup is TH / Arba / Slh / DB / GK. Using th and gk in different situations. Mostly looking for an EE / BP / Slh player, but we can move ppl around to suit. Prime is 15:00 - 03:00 GMT +2. Pm on forum or skype j.flana14
  4. International Melle PT Recruiting Experienced WC player You can bring your own character, or play ours. 8-12 h playtime required.
  5. Are you implying that russians are superior to everyone else? Lmao Hows FoG? xD
  6. Are you still looking for bishop? I play more than 12h per day, every day with a lot of experience

  7. UP. Need Either Main WC / BD player. English speaking Group. 12h + online prefered.
  8. Looking for Main BD/SWS or WC for Melle Pack. Need 12h + Inbox me.
  9. I mean, I have to hand it to them, I know my guys certainly wouldnt do 12 hour shifts with 6 ppl in pagans for 1 week straight, without any daily pvp.. Just to make sure they dont fall behind in gear / lvls, cuz they cannot fight arena.. I just dont really understand where your ego came from though.. You have no standing over anyone.. We dumpstered u in GVG, u BARELY won the 9v9 in coli for antharas even with MA on EE, lvl 81 books, top gear on wolfs, and our BP cast 2 spells whole fight cuz he is lost in lag. If you werent such pussies, hiding in pagans 24/7 while we contest arena
  10. Nice fraps 8v9 when bishop has lags, and full top gear on wolfs rofl. What happened in GVG with same gear ladies? I dont think this server going to be much fun, you cant hide in pagans and pve while we fight arena..
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