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  1. Is there any old rpg-club, frintezza players around? I'm new here! I'm Portuguese, 24 and looking for a constant group to join. Mostly 18-24 gmt+0 weekends all day. Previous clans: OOC and Rohens mostly PRO EE but open to offers, wanna start ASAP.
  2. Axpm

    EE LF CP

    Pro EE lf NO LIFE CP more info on pm
  3. From 14:00 til 24+ gmt+0 LF strong organized team with most core members known) previous clans: RohenTheFirst, OOC, Genesis & more i can't remember
  4. Hey guys My main is EE and i also play bishop/nuker. I look preferably for a MAGE CP but i'm open to others. Serious team with serious goals! Flexible timeplay and hungry for a good competitive team More in PM
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