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  1. You're welcome keep up the good work, I will be here too make a review of the new Interlude server as well.
  2. Hello, here is a video reviewing the server, it can be used for advertising purposing if you please. Thanks for bringing us a free server.
  3. Alright I've decided to recruit again, reminding people that I do not play hardcore 24/7 I have a life and work a lot, so if youre looking for some hardcore pvp clan this is not your place. PM FEARME/Sinnocent/Twerker/Dubstep for invite.
  4. I cant set offline shop............"You cannot start a offline shop right now, try again later!" Server is now 90% shops
  5. I've been trying too PM you, I guess we play different times.
  6. yes we know, but whats the point of having an updater if they dont add new files too it and need too download a 300mb patch all the time
  7. you broke s grade this early? terrible choice.
  8. Too many restarts on this server, its very boring, and setting up shops is annoying lol
  9. and hunting helper ticket? No where too exchange.. updater not working, cant see boxes with updater full check, you have to download full patch..
  10. +1 is terrible now, for great wolfs too and pets still bugged and have to relog too summon..
  11. Administrator please put the correct files in the UPDATER so we can see newbie bonus boxes.... every one is yelling in town they cant see items.
  12. I got level 1 items, but i reached level 20 and dont get the next reward........
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