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  1. hello, for the enxt server i want make meele aoe char. i think about gladi vs tyrant. i want a char to make good aoe and good single dps. can tyrant make good aoe like gladi? i talk about mos, vos, it etc. anyone played tyrant and can say, if the aoe dmg is good enough? greetz
  2. ah ok, thanks for the response. :)
  3. hello, on the homepage it say, there are 4000+ player online...but where? in aden there maybe 30 ppl, goddard 40 and in giran i think 1000 shops, cause its rly full there. but when i lf enemys or other palyers, all top spots are clean, varka, ketra, sv, or even hellbound. where are the other 3000 players? i cant even find any players at all.
  4. again the whole day he didnt spawn...
  5. hello, i tried to put essence 1 on my s80 armor, but shadai wont spawn. some guy wait 10 ingame days, more than 2 real life days and he dont spawn yet, is there a bug?
  6. so, we buy today the birthday cake for our party and we start exp, after just 20 min some full party came and pk us and take the birthday buff, i thought its just for party member? wtf... what is this shit, it cost 45 e coins and now we just had 20 min exp.......why other ppl seeing this birthday cake? EDIT: so, we stop playing now and then the cake dissapear from the room, but we dont have it in the inventar...so we just donate 5 euro for nothing? lol never seen such a shit...
  7. hello, just 1 question, if i buy for my char the birthday cake, only me will get it or my buffer in party too? greetz
  8. hello, when i start lineage 2 on official server i did all the quest the old way, i heard they changed the quests, so u can done it much faster. is this already in this chonicle? if yes, someone can give me a link. ty
  9. hello, my prophet just hit lvl 66 and all lineage 2 sites says, he get lvl 2 greater might on this level, but i still have just lvl 1. i will get it later or its a bug? greetz
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