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  1. finally some competition, except hybrid.
  2. Hello friends, good to see you here. *We don't recruit, good luck and have fun everyone.
  3. Hello everyone. The beacons of Amon Dîn will light up for one last time and the PEPEGAS will answer. gl hf.
  4. Supremacy grp. Epics / Daily
  5. Supremacy grp. Epics / Daily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-_dT9RPB2Q:1
  6. A new power is rising ... gl mate )
  7. Fix the banes cause from now on warlocks are so useless.
  8. Up Lf 2 more ppl ( Skilled / no DRAMA ) to play with us...
  9. Έλα ρε τρομπας εδώ...μίλησα με scion να παίξω στ cp σας στον e-global...Εσύ θα παίξεις??

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