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  1. Its normal gms said ;). Ofc i agree with u mate !.
  2. Can u do something for community ??. Any events??. That event with a rooster is only for donators. Can u do sth for us ?? (normal players).
  3. Nothing new .. Just another version of lucky wheel. Even in event u want to earn money. So sad .. I thought that u want to do it for us(community)
  4. GL with summoners in a grade :). What a stupid idea
  5. For me its fine. I like watching oly fights and i would like to know who is wearing epics and then i can say whos good. Epic control panel has many advantages
  6. +++, Its a good idea. Especially on oly when people want to know who is wearing jewels.
  7. Can someone tell me, which one is lvling cry and whats the chance to lvl up cry ?
  8. Already one side left server cause of buffs. Its a big joke as someone said. If u add 3rd buffs to npc buffer u will get more people. A grade stuffs its a fckin BIG joke. It will give a huge advantage to donators in the beginning. After one week u can add a grade but not in the beginning. Just add 3 rd buffs to npc buffer.. Thats all.
  9. Now i understand why u didnt want to add 3rd buffs in npc buffer.. Bcs u wanted to earn some money. U dont care about people u just want to become wealthy. Now its totally dotland and everyone knows it. I advice u to change it or u gonna play with russian donators.
  10. solo players are w/o any chance to even become known. To be honest .. can u imagine solo players with 3-4 boxes ??. People dont have time as it was before(6-7years ago) to exp supports to 78. Admin pls look at us. U will destroy server before server launch Remember 1st community, because server w/o community is worthless.
  11. ++ utf. I have the same opinion. Its totally useless and we will see people with 4-5 boxes now and it will cause that game will be boring. I dont understand why admin doesnt want to change those settings. As i said above, 80 % of l2eglobal community want with 3rd buffs but admin is fckin stubborn. Judging by forum i can guess that server will be overloaded and we will have problems to even enter the game cause of fckin boxes. Additionally, gm said that community is 1st for him but as we can see he doesnt care at all. Somewhere was topic with poll and people voted that we want other option ;)
  12. +++ reona. NPC Buffer with 3rd buffs. Many ppl will leave server cause of it. Believe me ..
  13. U think that now will be different ?? Will be the same and we will have to use one more account to give fckin powa/cov/magnus. Its fckin useless. Im sure that 80% of l2eglobal community wants npc buffer with 3rd buffs.
  14. LOL, make buffer with 3rd buffs either pls .. PPL dont have good computer to use many accounts. Why u decided w/o players opinions ??. And somewhere is vote and ppl want other option. So why dont u listen us ?? Its fckin mid rate. Its not low rate ..
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