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  1. Hi, it's your clan member. You and Texan doesn't play yet?

  2. Hola Amigos! We are alive and have several places for few new members! :)
  3. We've got 20 new slots in clan, and cosy CH in Aden!
  4. As a casual player and non factor of this server, I had great fun watching different Antharas streams yesterday (Smite, Future and someone else), although I went to sleep around 1 AM server time, so I didn't catch the end. As I am not able to read russian forum, I would like to know, who won that ?
  5. We are still up, and running, level 6 already :)
  6. Lol, they already were in clan, but we are not active enough tho :)
  7. We are level 5 now! Today we have established academy and we have slots for everyone who are interested. Those who are below level 40 can join our academy and those who are 40+ will be invited to main clan. Just hit any of us PM after 4 PM GMT. IF you cannot keep in touch with Texan, write a message to PartyMaker, he is the most active of all.
  8. Lots of great people contacted me today, so there are 16 of us already! Clan is level 3 and for now we have 14 slots left.
  9. Main information (I'll try to keep it up to date): Clan Name: Serenity Alliance: None Leader: Texan Clan Level: 0 Clan Hall: None Members: 6 - Who we are? We are group of five friends, who decided to play here in eGlobal server. Since majority of players are russians, we are having hard time finding people who speaks english. That's our main task - bring some casual and english speaking people under one clan. - What we are looking for? We are looking for mature, preferably older than 25 years old players, who would like to play together with us. Activity is not an issue
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