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  1. Shade Slayer privetiki vsem !
  2. all good all works , prolly bugged first time
  3. We just passed through it , and on last room we just got stuck , no key no mobs , why did we just waste an hour and 2? minutes already without getting even ported out , please explain.
  4. 1. Im running everything like on old x7 , i have selected the server , i have chosen the path and fixed the client , my e-global patcher is in C:/ game client in D:/ and i still get this error Screenshot , my antivirus is deactivated both avast and defender Screenshot Licensed windows.
  5. to rofl at your face for still trying to buy a grade weapon 1 month into the server trash
  6. sold about a week ago , gl!
  7. well u can always donate some cols and sell em to get some gear ;)
  8. im inside we killed all the barrels what do now @Papanda
  9. work around the corners u trash players
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