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  1. it works once, then it doesnt even start macro when i start it with synapse thats strange, dunno why its like that, i think if they would block it, it wouldnt work at all.
  2. Hiya. does anyone use razer synapse to play with boxes? Instead of loop macro which is a bit bugged running in background?
  3. Hiya. does anyone use razer synapse to play with boxes? Instead of loop macro which is a bit bugged running in background
  4. Its all allright for me. Got 5accs logged in
  5. Macro is still bugged from time to time character stops performing cyclic macro. Sometime it stops after 2mins sometimes works 10min. So it wasnt fixed still.
  6. Hiya Whats the best and cheapest option to get duals for bd as a box? To make it possible to dance
  7. Do you rly think that is allright when two drunk bums have higher vote power than someone who finished studies and became a doctor? Whats The point of callingsomeone fascist?
  8. Thanks hope someone just gonna perceive that is nonsense to remove it from our server. As a main spoiler im having trouble sometimes to sweep mobs over. Especially killing large amount of groups.
  9. Whats the point of removing it? Server in the peak time very often is giving lag spikes and it makes imposible to sweep single monsters. Ps. Democracy isnt good. Theres more dumb ppl than smart ones
  10. Ye Im dissapointed too. Spoil is my main character and im sad to see theres no mass sweep for us spoilers. I dont know why they didnt add it here when its available on different servers
  11. I had the same problem, i wrote a ticket and solution was rly simple. Just had to switch between game serverlist in account panel in the upperleft corner and push refresh character list each time i switched servers. Hope i helped u
  12. Im gonna main a spoiler. Why we dont get sweeper festival skill at x7 IT server? thats rly sad, its rly helpfull skill since u have to sweep mobs quick cause mob corpses are getting old too fast, and ure unable to sweep their corpses. As a spoil I feel forgotten. I aint DD its not an OPskill it something..
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