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  1. on first day online was 4k +, after 1 week 1/2 ppls leave the server, gues why?? today frintezza 2 pt v 3 pts. You should do full npc buffs...
  2. i dont have weak clan, i am on 1 of sides. Go pi - nobody farm there, go stakato - noboy there, check how many ppl in giran. Open eyes and than talk. Every day more more and more ppls leave this server.
  3. Plz english... 5 days ago 1k online, yesterday 800... Gm open new location, put a grade in shop, do full buf in npc, or server will die
  4. Do smth or server will die... Nobody fight on epics, now mass pvp is 18 v 18
  5. Clan Name: 300 Alliance: Sparta Leader: MalaMiBezPiegow / Alghor Clan Level: 7 Clan Hall: Rune almost all clan skills Klan 300 reaktywuje się, na tą chwile jest nas około 20, zapraszamy wszystkich chętnych PL do wspólnej gry. Wymagany TS pm w grze do któregoś z CL lub masa / RadPL
  6. wts/t Demon Splinter pm me in game masa or send mesage here
  7. 4x db craft failed, 2x am echants failed ( am from donate ) from 3 to 4 - i am done xD guys i am bad at math but 4 x 60% its 4 x 60/100 = 0 ??? or 4 x 60/100 x 1/100(donations changes craft rates)
  8. mianbo

    WTS AM acu +9

    WTS am acu +9 for coins or wtt for draco set and draco bow only om in game nick "Narcoman"
  9. its not p2w, its so izi to get a/s grades here. 1 week and u have weapon s grade and jawelery
  10. 7 days??? i want to be full a grade with weapon jawelery and armor...
  11. time to say BB. S grades for donations. Thanks for ...... 40ppls leaving the server from my team
  12. czegos jeszcze potrzebujecie?
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