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  1. Is it so difficult to answer in english? I dont speak your language my friend.
  2. Trolya, Is there a reason that a players needs to be online in order to be checked by your support team since you have all his logs available? And it would be good to take in consideration my proposal. That way, no screenshots would be necessary from people like Ridney to prove that they have been banned as well! Hoping for a constructive discussion. I am not here to flame / blame, just to enjoy the game that pleases me! :)
  3. I don't like to swear people, especially when i play mostly solo, for fun, to kill my free time and not to "blow the shit up" in a server. Congratulations to you and your clan for doing it (if you did so). Also, i don't have a clue of the guy that you are talking about, i have been playing with "ftlpro" nick since forever on private low rate servers. But my friend, i am really sorry to realize how stupid you seem to be. I never cried or whatsoever. I just made a question WITHOUT pointing the finger to any clan / ally. I just asked if its allowed and i made some additional proposals in o
  4. Instead of cursing everyone that has a different opinion with you, its better to open your eyes, look the facts and understand them (if possible). Indeed bot works on this server, that is why GMs are banning bots. Except if its you who was botting and you don't want a ban ;) By the way, Trolya, you answer to my petition was the below: Unfortunately this players wasn’t online at the moment of each inspections. Accordingly to the Project Rules we have no evidences to apply sanctions to this player at the moment. Thereby we are forced to close this ticket. As far as i kn
  5. Άμα είσαστε ανεγκέφαλοι με σκατά μέσα στο κεφάλι σας....
  6. Yeah... right.... http://prntscr.com/e5ct2r
  7. Next time i will send you the video to satisfy your stupidity. Btw, was it you by any chance and you are buthurted?
  8. Admins, i am wondering what you are going to do with these bots... You banned me due to the usage of a specific mouse (!!!!) Let see what you are going to do to these 4 people that are using specific programms which are not allowed...
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