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  1. TennoHeika, sorry but i already begin OL :) Currently 51lvl
  2. Привет на всички, които играят в този сървар. :) Успешна игра!
  3. Hello guys, I'm looking for new active clan at this server! About me: I like to play as supporter like OL,Cardi,Eva Saints,Warlock etc! Definitely i like low rates servers and hope that in this one i will have, a nice memories! P.S. I got some experience at low rate servers, Dex,Roxy,Elixir,Beyound etc! Personaly i hope to find my "family" from Elixir (4usONLY) If anyone have news about this clan and our leader Tsanki please contact me! See ya guys, happy PvP's :)
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