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  1. Guys support them like, db and sws, they are chart that can also do damage and important in PVP, in fact a sws or a BD with some good items, can kill any profession They are practically doing the same as the pvp servers, getting support and placing mostly in healer and DD characters
  2. LOL? WTH?, do not do that please, because otherwise we will see sub acu ?
  3. what is this? I don't understand what you mean by that question
  4. I think that 4 is too much, maximum should be 3 accounts per PC, but 2 would be ideal, so 2 people would not log a full party Where can I see the skill changes?
  5. Not even a dual box will allow ?, WOW, I do not understand such drastic changes, at least 1 should allow, more than one would be something else, because there are people who abuse that and practically log a whole party being 2 people. Skill of h5 ?, without modifying skills ?, because there is another server that said the same (I will not say his name), but many skills were modified as they "wanted to balance" the classes, being "h5" the most balanced chronicle in professions (in fact in "h5" they abused the balance a lot ?, they put skill to the professions that before you had to have a
  6. I have questions, the skills in the first stage how will they be ?, I mean the first stage the skills that the professions will have will be IL skill? and will they work as IL ?, both the critical magic and that?, And while the stage changes, will the skills be updated depending on the stages? As if we were playing the official server in its time? (as if we changed the chronicle?) They do not have a date for the change of the stages, right? I hope they are long, as if it were that we were playing an official server and its chronicle changes, so each player can enjoy what each stage
  7. It is true that that influences, but not quite, the most important thing is the faithful community that the server can have, I tell you because the server that I played from 2017 to 2019 (server pvp x1200), its admin practically ignores those of their cominity, they are very inactive, apart from that the patch they have is terrible, not to say another word, so you have an idea their patch, eat the ram of a worse pc as if you were playing an h5 server, and they don't they give the option of not even being able to edit the l2.ini or the l2option, to be able to fix some problem of their patch, in
  8. I do not talk about PvP server, but I will ask you a question since you say that pvp servers last 2 weeks (I agree they can last 2 weeks to 1 month), in 2 weeks in a pvp server you get at least 2 epics ? (without donating), how many people get epic on a pvp server ?, (without donations), obviously in a lot and most PVP servers, at least the x1200 can donate epics, but how many people do you think they reach have epics without donation ?, It is true that PVP servers, people evolve quickly in equipping themselves, but the pvp full buff style is disgusting !, at least in interlude you will see on
  9. another thing, the stages ami seems to me a GREAT IDEA, but as I said I do not like to be playing servers on servers moving from server, people who like to play from 0 at any time will never see or play a server where it is evolved, where most people have decent equipment, because they simply leave after having 1 month on the server I play l2 since c1, I am no longer to be starting server at all times, and do not believe that I do not LOVE l2, I love it !, it is one of the best games I played, and I miss the old school of l2, where the server lasted at least 6 months, and it was full fun
  10. I have many more ideas now, but I do not think it is worth giving it, and I do not think the magician is still overpower, it is true that it is one of the classes with more DPS, but watch the official videos, as I said before it is true that the "rank" chart as archers and wizards will have quite a few advantages in epics and that is why something is done a little balance for the chart, mostly this step began to take in the Hellbaium chronicle where by example they implemented some new skills, but practically it was interlude, you can see how people like, DVP, Beks, danieldelfo, DLM, Gustavb,
  11. I could continue giving recommendations, and some corrections or modifications in my post, thus resolving disagreements, such as the "dual box" etc, (everything has reasonable solutions), but the question itself is, that the project that I propose is a server "RATES PVP-MID-LOW", but that the pvp be "retail", such as "server LOW", the reasons for the "rates server" that I propose are several, and very simple, most of the projects that they have years online, they are server pvp, because a PVP server can constantly attract new people, for their "rates", even if the server is 3 years old online,
  12. guys, not all the blame is the administration, it is true that they have to find a way to insentivate new people and people to play or stay, on the server, because if there are people like "I", who likes to play a server that lasts time, in fact I play a server since 2016, but we also have the blame for not trying to stay on the server, and allow the server to die, obviously the admin has to insentivate a lot and change things in the server, as an example reduce farm areas, etc., servers that are online years are not more than 1k of people online, may have 200-400, but as the server is reduced
  13. It is unfortunate, but it is so, but if there are servers that are ONLINE years, unfortunately they are "PVP servers", I say unfortunately because I do not like, the pvp mode being FULL BUFF with a character, MP pots etc ..., I I have already created a somewhat extensive post, trying to see if they make a project like "server pvp", (which had more than 15k views, I was surprised PersikFright), but that the pvp are retail Suggestion of new project, as if you were playing a server ( 1x-10x), apart from that I have had more ideas for that, but it is not worth sharing, if nobody wants to do a proj
  14. I have delay, after the fall of the server ((
  15. Exactly it is about that !, because they are going to tell me that they ask for dances and songs in the npc, to farm, please... PersikCoffeePersikLike
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