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  1. Bump for this nice clan, lets hope for a balanced sides and long lasting server. :)
  2. Wow, that is interesting - posting recruitment thread around 1 month before the server start. :) Good luck finding the right people, mate!
  3. Is any merging going to happen or update of the rates? And if yes what exactly to expect and when we can expect it? [uSER=1536]@LEX[/uSER] [uSER=9384]@trolya[/uSER] . Thanks in advance.
  4. Така е, затова и аз играя по лежерно вече пък и си имам всичко. Чакам да дойде септември ама ако излезе някоя друга оферта дето е примамлива преди това може и да се пусна.
  5. Ами аз и без вас имам, но не българи. Така, че ако искате просто да разцъкате от време на време и да се позабавляваме по нашенски - добре сте дошли и ще попълним липсите от клана/партитата ми.
  6. Няма бг клан, но може да ми пишете винаги в играта и да завъртим някой raid boss или да поцъкаме. Пишете на Nightwish в играта (играя след 19 бг време, понеже съм на раобта преди това).
  7. Totally agree with Miar, I've been very active during the peak of the server. Now I have not logged for 4 days (logging only to chat with people while waiting for new server to open but this was expected - this happened on every server i played for the last 5-6 years). Yes it is sad but true - the days of servers who lasted for 3-4-5 years are long gone. Servers nowadays last around 1-3 months. I am sorry that this happened to this server too. This is what happens when top cps/clans leave because of getting bored from things like no content, no competition and so on. I will definitely keep fol
  8. Regarding content changes: I think that epic jewels might affect the balance of the server even more. Also enchantment of arcane power will be broken too. Regarding rates changes: This thing about making the server x25 is something that I strongly dislike because I came here to play a low rate server and not a mid-rate one. Merging it with x5 interlude server should be ok. It will bring more people that played on low rate server so the balance should be fine. Also you will keep current low rate lovers.
  9. Bump looking for people ready for sieges and epics!
  10. hey add me (d4rknessqq) skype to talk about l2valhala

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