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Passed by/ Evander
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  1. Nice to see eu people joining, gl
  2. Since my question did not get answer ill ask again, 1. Interlude stages are gonna use interlude final 1.5? 2. Regarding bd/sws will we have 2 in 1 option bard or we must pump 2 boys for that?
  3. Is interlude stages gonna use interlude final patch 1.5?
  4. Hahaha i love when i read your guys topic with translate it get weird really fast ?
  5. you are right storm, team is fat indeed. Thats why we protec geoterals back ?
  6. Nice to see you too Misho ?
  7. Hey guys dont fight each other, you are both equally trash clans. ?
  8. Hello ladies and gents, As always we are here to spice things up in CIS community with fresh eu tactics ? Recruitment and side is still TBD stay tuned Skype : nikola.zugic. Discord : BioHazard#4528 we protec Mishanjiaa
  9. GL strom, Cant wait to fight your bois once again
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