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  1. Is interlude stages gonna use interlude final patch 1.5?
  2. Hahaha i love when i read your guys topic with translate it get weird really fast
  3. you are right storm, team is fat indeed. Thats why we protec geoterals back
  4. Hey guys dont fight each other, you are both equally trash clans.
  5. Hello ladies and gents, As always we are here to spice things up in CIS community with fresh eu tactics Recruitment and side is still TBD stay tuned Skype : nikola.zugic. Discord : BioHazard#4528 we protec Mishanjiaa
  6. GL strom, Cant wait to fight your bois once again
  7. oh boy winter is coming. we protec as always maybe on this server we try to atac
  8. You know loging multiple clients on This server is allowed right? Not everyone on This server go with dagger class And hit 1 mob to get lvlup.
  9. This looks very intresting, too bad no english translation :(
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