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  1. on GoD it made sense since bleeding activated a blood stab skill. Here i do think its useless ability unless you want to start poking ppl from auto attacks and make them bleed w/o killing them.
  2. еще ничего ? (just used a translator to write in Russian! I hope it's enough to be understood here :D )
  3. ofc it does make a lot of sense I am sure you will figure everything out and this server is gonna be even better than last year's one. my 2 cents: at some point, mages dominate server do to aoe skills and spots that are easily farmable by them. DD's, especialy single target ones can't compete with lvling speed of mages, so maybe some extra(e.g. change some not useable) spot with solo mobs with extra xp with melee vulnerability? Daggers aren't that good here if you don't have anyone to boost you, and what's more, Bounty Hunter has most skills from that class which imo destroyed daggers on last server. Tanks, they need gap closer, pull or jump -like skills archers, general boost to compete with others last, but not least - Bards. Making bd/sws into one class was an awesome idea. What they really lack though is skills to make some dmg. Give them a minor cubic+offensive 1-2 skills (blows / or heavy dd sword skills) with even less power, but still enough to be fun at pvps/other actions. This would make them a class not for box purpose only ofc with added MP it's just an idea I hope you think about. Thank you, and once again - see you at OBT
  4. Is there gonna be more balance on the server? Last one was kinda mage server. Don't get me wrong, I loved last edition, but I hope there would be more fun with more ppl playing different classes than mages Keep up the hard work, can't wait for OBT
  5. you can open one box. If you want more, you need a premium account which enables you to open up additional box e.g. without PA main+box With PA main+2box
  6. Have the same problem. I've sent ticket to administration hoping they'd solve this problem, but unfortunately they couldn't . One option that is left i direct payment. IMO they should do sth about this problem, because now some ppl are cut off donations while others can donate freely and this creates a gap between ppl.
  7. yeah it is one of the best skills for tank classes. Especially when tanks don't have rush any other gap closer and most ppl can just outrun tanks ? this skill not only adds to balance it makes this class more enjoyable.
  8. kanał ogólnopolski, czy klanowy? ?
  9. that's just bullshit. On every server top clans have everything faster than any other non-factor. If you wanted to compete with top clans, you should've prepared like 2-3ppl per char and play 24/7. Getting adenas isnt that hard, getting eq isnt hard either. Want adenas? farm catas, farm rec's, spoil important mats, or try to OE weapons and sell with profit. If you play as CP, you should be aiming for pt craft, make a quene and make items for each person one at a time. You can't have everything right away. and btw, this server is just 2 weeks old oO
  10. at least i see some ppl :) on main page it says there's about 12k ppl online. Dont know if its only me, I see a lot less than that. nevertheless i enjoy l2e global servers, wish there were more EU ppl playing here
  11. Hi there. My problem is, when I turn on the game, right after I logg in updater says that "a newer version of launcher is available..." and it blocks me from opening new game windows. It's the same every time from the start. So in order to play with boxes I have to turn as many clients as I need in advance cuz if I don't - I won't be able to turn them on via updater later
  12. this file is password protected
  13. I got GTX 1060 but it just died so I had to switch IT to integrated one. Well need to wait till it got replaced then. Thank you for the info
  14. Hi there. Lately my graphics died and now I am forced to use integrated card. Problem is, after I put out my main card I can't run the game. Below, you have error info. I am looking forward to any reply with answer Time: 2019.4.24 01:21:45 [GTick=2,LGTicks=1] PosCode: 0:0:0 ZoneName: OS: Windows 10(64) 10.0 (Build: 9200), Service Pack 0.0 CPU: GenuineIntel Intel® Core i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz @ 2809 MHz RAM: 7862MB RAM CPUInfo: 6,6,6,0 Memory: 248284KB Video: Microsoft Basic Render Driver (619), DX v4.9r904 Option: 1280x720S_W1sH0A2KP VideoResources: 104 MB LANG: ENGLISH IME: ??? Error: History: DrawPrimitive <+ RenDev=f78e0000 CurrentState=f78e92c4 <- DrawLoop <- FD3DRenderInterface::DrawPrimitive <- DrawSortedSection <+ StaticMesh=L2Sky_S.L2sky_sp05 SectionIndex=0 <- RenderStaticMeshLod <+ StaticMesh=L2Sky_S.L2sky_sp05 Owner=Lobby01.SkyMeshActor2 Instance=None <- FDynamicActor::Render <+ SkyMeshActor Lobby01.SkyMeshActor2 <- RenderActor <- RenderDeferredActors <- RenderLevel <- FSkySceneNode::Render <- NoStencilRendering <- RenderLevel <- FLevelSceneNode::Render <- FPlayerSceneNode::Render <- SceneNodeRender <- Draw <- UGameEngine::Draw <+ GRenDev = f78e0000 <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- ClientTick <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- CMainLoop::UpdateTheWorld <- MainLoop Exception: Code [EXCEPTION_READ_VIOLATION DataAddress:0x000000F2] Address [0x5B8C1E02] SegCs [0x0023] d3d10warp.dll [0x5B440000] Offset [0x00481E02]
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