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  1. Server will be x1 or x3? cause website says x3 and in your post it says x1.. also how many stages there will be? there will be more admin support or it will be like past server that if you donate for some feature that doesn't work admin gives a shit about it?
  2. good suggestions. sadly this server is all about make money and nothing else :)
  3. Coide

    GG sever

    Only way to make servers last longer these days is doing it with chapters... so 24x7 CPs reach max lvl and have to wait until normal players catch them up.
  4. Or tell us if it's OK to buy adena on other sites and we will simply buy there instead of getting coins :-)
  5. Coide

    Ingame Auction

    What happened to this? Has been implemented?
  6. Last few days saw a lot of adena sellers. not only during night.. easy way to remove them is to allow !shouts at 50+
  7. What it's going on? third restart in 30min..
  8. Still nothing.. 2 weeks and is useless. 30 coins wasted. it's a shame.
  9. Few minutes ago the same. Some asshole pulling mobs to kill the offline shops.
  10. 0.02% = 1/5k so if you have PA it will be 1/4k
  11. Fix your client and you will see it by just clicking on a mob
  12. On the launcher make sure you don't seed anything. This may help you.
  13. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Nothing for the rest?
  14. agree with you. Please fix it because there is no point in having the battle pass being a buffer
  15. Coide


    That was fixed yesterday. Same happened to me and yesterday saw the hat.
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