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  1. is server dead? i dont see a lot of people grinding, shouting, standing.
  2. Up please fixed this and inform everyone so that we can start doing anakazel.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm seeing streamer like level 80 99%. Where do these people level up? If it's a group or solo let me know the location or what quest needs to be take. Thanks!
  4. May we know the content that will be added on "Major update 1.5"?
  5. Hello, Me and my friends are new to this interlude patch so i gathered their questions and concerns and hopefully someone from the admin can answer it. 1. May i know what is the max level gap for your party to receive exp? 2. What is the max level of the server? 3. Are there attribute stone on this version? Water stone? fire stone? 4. Is there a way for us to check how many players are currently online? Thank you in advance if someone can answer.
  6. Sorry I already found the NPC who will change my "Profession". Thanks for the reply
  7. I'm doing the manual quest for level 20 class transfer for elven wizard however the quest disappeared. Any support that can help me?
  8. Do you need to the manual quest when doing class transfer or there is a quick way?
  9. Hello i need this one as well. Please send me.
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