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  1. i know how it work, after the hero status i can't enter
  2. Hello, i can't enter in the hero rift with my hero char, it says i'm not registered even if im. Char name Ryu
  3. can be :) but you can see even bishops from minor clans land trance almost 1/1
  4. despite the oly match i think we can agree the debuffs landrates are not from interlude, both in pvp and pve. if the ru speaking players don't rise the problem in ru section it will be like this until the server close.
  5. Party botting in woa, Bbuss noble char from clan MeoW is the bot party owner/protector. I would like to know if actions will be taken by the staff (i've read perma ban on the homepage) if not i will not waste time in the future to recording and reporting, ty. @Apache Ant @Trolya @Papanda @SLKware
  6. you totally misunderstand my post, i was warning players to not get scammed by others since the morning you did the upgrade there was ppl buying pl sets for 8kk
  7. are some mins that is impossible log in if you select a proxy @SLKware
  8. you can buy mid and top c in weapon and armor shop in giran, aden, rune. don't get scammed.
  9. it's like 3 days animations on debuffs aren't working It should be fixed today https://l2e-global.com/forum/threads/if-x7-restarts-fixes-and-additions.191971/post-2534001
  10. you need to restart and you can see the item
  11. use google translate if you don't understand something, like i do in the russian forum :)
  12. i don't know about cov since in the beta i didn't paid attention to it, but i remember cov was decreasing mov speed for example, so i don't know if they changed it. Anyway i want at least a reply for the skills i've reported. @Trolya @Apache Ant pls.
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