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  1. You and your team did good work. Thanks for this fun server, we all hope we can enjoy this server for at least 1 year :). Kind regards, MonkeyBusiness crew.
  2. When i made a clan, i had the option to write down a clan message. So everyone could read some info, as soon they login into the game. But how to get that menu to change that message? Because i tried all possible options, but nothing worked. See link: [GUIDE][sHARE]How you can put message on your clan
  3. Can you also add club account teleport into clan hall?
  4. Please make offline shop unlimited. This 1500 offline limit sucks.
  5. We are currently recruiting: - Archers - SpS/SpH/Necro - Destroyers Feel free to contact me here or discord or ingame: - reetveter - Yenni - Spamalot https://discord.gg/ZY6Z4wN
  6. Vip thing? Like we should donate something or just a bug? It's very annoying that i can't use my shops atm.
  7. There are many stores that don't even sell something serious. Go check out Giran. You see people selling c grade arrows for 1kk each etc.. or mana pots for 50kk. Gg
  8. It's redicilous, there was just a restart but still not able to make an offline shop. Try to find a solution please.
  9. MonkeyBusiness clan, made a new chapter on this server. We made together clan lvl5, Alliance and an Academy to give all the new players a chance to play with us. Also we have two new co-leaders: Spamalot and Yenni. They will manage each a part of our clan. We are also still recruiting international players that like to play in our team. We are searching for: - Warlock (CatQueeen) - Archers - Bishop - OL - Warcryer - EE/SE - SpS/SpH and Necro - Tank - BD - SwS https://discord.gg/ZY6Z4wN Contact me (reetveter) there. Or pm me or one of our co
  10. Hello everyone, something very sad and unexpected happened during the time i was asleep. REDHAT, kicked all the clan members out of the clan and stole my stuff, even my soulshots are gone, can you inmagin? :1f644: So for the one that gived REDHAT his/her account information, please change your password. Otherwise i am afraid that he will scam you as well. I changed my password of my account, so this won't happen again. Anyway, i would like to re-join eveyone again, since we had a good atmosphere in our clan and i saw our clan growing. So feel free to contact me. https://disc
  11. We have/use a new discord server, join us on this server: Join the MonkeyBusiness Discord Server!
  12. Recruiting international players that like to play in our team. We are searching for: - Warlock (CatQueeen) - Archers - Bishop - OL - EE or SE - SpS https://discord.gg/ZY6Z4wN Contact me (reetveter) there.
  13. - Macro's doesn't work. For example: %target option. - Me and some other players can't zoom out anymore. Fix it please. :)
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