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  1. u change the target that next targets selects,BTW it works fine for me
  2. Is it normal to get 1 day penalty for finishing academy?
  3. What about none russians?here at forum we use autotranslations ,that feature doesn't exist at telegram.
  4. @Rylai can u please confirm so we know where to create the accounts of the party?
  5. Sorry google translator is not making it easy to understand,At MW2 we can activate bonus codes for ingame accounts and not master account?we can create all CP chars in 1 master account ?
  6. After the updater runs a full check when client opens we get msg that client not responding,same happens with both updaters.any ideas?
  7. any ideas? we just cant disabled hyper-v in any way we knew or found online
  8. If it's no challenge and its fast and easy to get them then why such a QQing to remove them?go and get them fast and move on.
  9. Against.Books farm creates pvp and its another goal while u play,i dont know about u but i dont want everything spoon fed i prefer to have something to do ingame.
  10. Why not?How does that skill affects ur gameplay in anyway?
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