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  1. Shot00041.bmp I encountered this bug in olympiad. The guy knew that this existed and he was using arrows to wall run into this crap on ground so I couldnt hit him.
  2. Can you respond to my thread that i made yesterday??? I am having lag issues, the game freeze every 10s for 1s after you added this event and its not just me who got these issues.
  3. Its not fixed. Im still lagging. They dont even seem to care
  4. You guys screwed something up with the maintenance. It says i have 60 fps but it feels more like 5 fps. Crazy stutter lags and its totally unplayable right now. Need an emergency maintenance quick
  5. I dont think that we played the same game then
  6. Well guys I gave up on becoming hero. There is no point when L2Team feed their warlord anyway. I chose this class because its a fun class to play in olympiad. It was never a top class but it was always decent and could beat many classes. 13 win 18 defeat :'(
  7. WL was always good in olympiad in normal interlude
  8. I pvp alot on my warlord and in open world its great but in olympiad I dont have any chance against some classes and yes I know that EE's are olympiad farmers but giving them all this make them way too strong, my stuns dont even land on them while their root land on me like im lvl 10 warrior
  9. Yeah it totally feels like classic where debuff landrate is only affected by lvl
  10. Is it really just me who think that giving mages zerk, acumen and empower is too much? I mean all the EE's were hitting me for 1,5k dmg with prominence augment on their AM+3 when I have full S grade
  11. That does not help vs EE's anyway. They are way too strong and you must agree on that. No one can beat them
  12. Im warlord and I have good gear and im lvl 79. With +4 CON dyes. With IC set, lionheart and ant queen root and trance shouldnt land that easy...
  13. Okay I have another complaint about olympiad. Giving mages acumen, zerk and empower make them way too strong. An EE can literally empty your mana in 5 seconds. Also I dont understand how debuffs work here. Trance and root seem to land like 99% of the times even though i have IC set, AQ and lionheart on but this is probably due to their insanely high cast speed. A PR chain stunned me an entire match with his skill only +4 and I had lionheart up aswell as a CON build on my Warlord. This balance is so bad I cant even find words for it
  14. I know that alot of people were on epics but there were still many people who signed. For sure more than 9. And its also a problem that u can sign for oly at 5 pm
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