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  1. EXP & SP acquirement depends on characters level: [TABLE] [TR] [TH]Character level[/TH] [TH]Old rates (EXP & SP)[/TH] [TH]New rates (EXP & SP monsters)[/TH] [TH]New rates (EXP & SP bosses)[/TH] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 1 - 29 [/TD] [TD]constant х5[/TD] [TD]constant х7[/TD] [TD]constant х5[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 30 - 51 [/TD] [TD]smooth EXP and SP rates reduction to х3[/TD] [TD]smooth EXP and SP rates reduction to х5[/TD] [TD]constant х5[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 52 - 59 [/TD] [TD]smooth EXP and SP rates reduction to х2[/TD] [T
  2. ? Everyone is tired from quarantine and isolation so we decided to bring you some fun to make you little more happy :) You will find Cheer Pom Poms and Musical Instrument in your inventory. Let's have an exciting concert, but do not forget to wear a mask! Do not forget to update game client before entering the game. ? Surrender - spells improved! Surrender to Water Surrender to Wind Surrender to Fire Surrender to Earth Mass Surrender to Water Mass Surrender to Wind Mass Surrender to Fire Spells has the same effect as before but slightly impr
  3. Make sure you are using correct version of game launcher. We do not use E-global Launcher, currently you can enter the game with Updater that you can download here: Download Lineage 2 and play on E-Global L2 servers! Let me know if this helps.
  4. ?Focus Attack now can be used in Grand Olympiad matches. ?Fixed Noblesse Gate Pass calculation. (speak with olympiad manager to get NGP) ?Fixed some spells description: Inferno, Blizzard и Demon Wind. ? Added new animations for skills: [spoiler=Skills list < Click] Summon Storm Cubic Summon Aqua Cubic Summon Phanton Cubic Summon Viper Cubic Summon Binding Cubic Summon Spark Cubik Summon Vampiric Cubic Summon Life Cubic Summon Smart Cubic Summon Attactive Cubic Blizzard Inferno Demon Wind Freezing Skin Blazing Skin Arest Aura of Hate Dem
  5. Hello! It will be fixed after server restart.
  6. Hello! This error appears when you are missing some game files. Files are usually blocked or deleted by Windows Defender. Check it and add game files to exceptions then update game client.
  7. Hello, @JiP 1. Elven Elders can't learn Greater Group Heal, this skills only available for Bishop and Shillen Elder. 2. There is no skill transfer system for healer classes. I can't tell you for sure if it will be in future.
  8. Dear players! We want to keep you informed about what's happening on the server, about stages and transition. As we said in post about Stage 1.5 there are some requirements for stage 2.0: ? Level requirements: At least 100 characters 68+ - Done! At least 25 characters 72+ - Done! At least 1 character 74+ - Done! At least four level 9 clans - Done! ?Equipment: At least 200 A-grade armor sets - Done! At least 50 top A-grade weapons - Done! At least 7 Zaken's earring - Done! (4 Earrings were dropped in instance available for all players). Sinc
  9. Hello @peder ! Maybe your internet provider has some problems with connecting to our servers. We did not change anything since server start and this is strange that you have this kind of problem. Sometimes simple internet router reset helps to solve delay problems.
  10. Dear players! In this thread we want to give you information about stages transition and thank you one more time for choosing our project. . Everyone who played at least on one of our servers knows that we do mistakes but it's not because we don't care, it's all because we want to bring you high quality product. Every player has huge value: person who just created character and players who with us from the launch day and has reached heights that you cannot believe. Thank you for staying with us even when tough times come. What about stages. To be honest, system that created
  11. ?Added new clan skills To use clan skills you will need Clan Leader Brooch. Can be used by clans 5, 6, 7 or 8 level. Can only be use by clan leader, item cannot be traded or dropped. More information you can find here ? Heroic Berserker ability fixed. Now provides complete immunity to all debuff types. A lot of other important fixes. Do not forget about sieges: Castle sieges - April 5, 17:00 and 21:00 (server time) Only 4 castles available: Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren Gludio & Dion - 17:00 Giran & Oren - 21:00 On monday, April 6 s
  12. Dear players! Active Clan Skills added to the game. Blood Oath cost reduced for active skills, learning cost removed. Have a nice game!
  13. Please don't take things so selfish. This whole system is supposed to make level or gear difference between players less significant. If you reached cap already, you still have subclasses, a lot of materials to prepare for future item creation and etc. Also think about other players who is not that fast. More than that, players actively fight for epic and raid bosses, compete on olympiad and levelling up their characters even with this huge penalty. So why server will die? As was said, stage 2 will be implemented after specific amount of players' achievments. You can always speed up this p
  14. You can find information about some changes on Stage 2 here I can't give you exact information about completed achievments. What i can say - stage 2 is coming and will be very soon. Anyway we will inform you about stage transition on forum and ingame.
  15. Hello! This also may be caused by anti cheat system since it blocks any 3rd party software like auto clickers, it also blocks some type of computer mouses. Some laptop users has similar problems. Unfortunately we don't have quick solution for this issue. Try using other mouse if you have one, and if it won't solve the problem, please let me know.
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