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  1. it's a message from support "Dear user, Receiving bages in Territory Wars depends on many aspects: - were your character late on TW or not - how long were you present at the combat zone - how many times your character died - how many characters were killed by your party or your character - condition of Castle, Fort and Balistes - some quests have a time limit, the sooner they will be finished - the better could be result Receiving bages also depends on many other aspects, for example how long your character was in the combat stance. However our technical experts will reconsider bages scoring to the next TW, and probably next time all players might receive them more. Unfortunately as for the previous Territory Wars the bages scoring won't be reconsidered. Please let us know if we can help you with something else. Thank you for addressing to our support department. Faithfully E-Global Team. "
  2. I have the same nick Listener
  3. You must add buff "Blessed Soul" from 61lvl becouse Titan, Duelist and etc use Blessed Soul and Blessed Body becouse when use Improved Condition and use Battle Roar you will not get hp
  4. you know when they will be exactly NPC ??
  5. please think about it ;)is a holiday server, it will change many but it will not spoil the game and he will not with SWS and BD useless
  6. is it possible to change time buff Song&Dance from 2 minutes to 5 minutes or 10 minutes ?? this will make the game a little easier
  7. When add normal npc (like live) ?? Donation Shop, Club Card buff and etc
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