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  1. Hello, just an idea/suggestion I think the penalty for spoiling lower level mobs should be removed, since you are putting much effort to level up spoiler to high level why should you be punished and not be able to go farm some lower grade rec/mats? Also what if you want to make sub spoiler and also level it to max level for certification yet you would be punished because some stuff are worth spoiling at lower levels than max level.. I think that penalty should be either removed (i am talking only about lower level mobs, not higher level) or put in a way that makes it still reasonably poss
  2. I hear many ppl are having this issue, for me it's on and off. Idk why it works fine and after some time it stops working.. From all my tests it seems to ahve something to do with this Eglobal.dll file and windows firewall/antivirus
  3. Hi, Me and at least 1-2 friends have the same problem: First friend he is not able to play from start of beta, he is getting crit error no matter what he tries Same for second friend As for me, I have played 3-4 days on beta and just now today I have the same problem. (Nothing changed but error just appeared) I/we tried: - Delete all files + reboot PC + clean install/full check - 1 Friend tried to reinstall windows and still has problems This is what happened to me: Windows detected virus/threat CryptInject!ml on this file system\Eglobal.dll He is now decy
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