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  1. Mithril set [D] +9/9/10 (armor) - pink-red glow on char, super bonuses, uber p def. * Bow of Peril - masterwork + QR +3 PM "DarkAl3x
  2. l2 = old game ... old geodata, old everything /true story. no1 thought it can support 1k+ ppl in same time on a spot those days.....if here adms can fix anything, its AWESOME ! ... if not ....play here until Lineage 3 comes out and eglobal makes a server for it :D
  3. WTS : *Mithril set [D] +9/9/10(armor) - pink-red glow on char, super bonuses, uber p def. *Bow of Peril - masterwork +QR +4 PM "DarkAl3x / Wyv STAFF OF EVIL SPIRITS - 580 COL / WTT SOES = any top B + 100 COL / WTS ANY LOW [A] wep! Avadon Circlet full / BW boots full "DarkAl3x - pm
  4. interested in 10th player maybe? not 100% active no lifer, sometimes only 5-6 days out of 7 days of a week and around 2-4h up to 6h? interested if u will join some side for epics pvp, thanks
  5. put full screens if u are fair, we asked 50 CoL u traded 10 CoLs. After the dorf gave u back. so don't be like the press nowadays...presenting only what u want. @ topic ! Top INTERNATIONAL, ENGLISH speaking clan, having fun on mass pvp, events,epics, sieges, from casual players to no lifers, u find your place here!
  6. difference its about the max HP bonus + the uber glow + P atk like S duals, and can wear since 61 ?
  7. "DarkAl3xTM in game Mail / PM / forum PM As title says I wait serious offers - uploading on site @COL at anytime [ purple ultimate glow ULTRA P Atk , A gr since 61 wear! ] or WTT Duals +10 == 2h Dragon Slayer +++ / 2h H.D. sword - Mail/PM DarkAl3xTM
  8. WTB Karm tunic +8! pm "darkal3x in game or leave message -offer 40 col (ppl sell in giran for 50) -closed - made mine +6 to +8 ,gl
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