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  1. I know i asked before server opened about "anti lag commands" or patches, i asume its clear by now that it is needed. Was there any patches or ways to turn of animations all or parts of it, to reduce lags in big events?
  2. How about english information about kamaels update?
  3. /show particles , visualequip off. and other "lag reducing commands", doesnt seem to work. Any patches or other "lag" solutions for lower end computers during big events?
  4. Main cp lf 1player 8h+ online for more sereos play. Also 10ths/drivers needed with 4h+ online, for more casual play.
  5. Ieskom extra zaideju, online nesvarbu, svarbu adekvatus. Uzsuki vakare po darbu, atsipalaiduoti -saika ka pajungti? gauni acc ir eini saudyt. Pliusas jeigu kas is pazistamu - KillaVanilla.
  6. Super! When prices and content of donate shop/pa will be revealed?
  7. How its gonna be with bd/sws? Thats one of most important questions about skills and setup. The hope is that only one of those will be enough for the group and not usual 2.
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