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  1. Hello friends. Loving the server so far and I am very impressed by what the e-global team has done. I was looking at the server info/ patch notes and I saw that epic raids will only be avail during specific times during the week. I like the fact that the raid time is known to everyone, but I can see problems with having the raids be at the same time every week. My fear is that it will become very easy for 1 clan/alliance to always win the fight during that time. This could eventually lead to things becoming more one-sided and one clan/alliance gaining all the power. I think random s
  2. I am trying to follow the instructions to get my steam featured on the front page of e-global. It says to put "Lineage 2 Masterwork" in your title and comment on a thread. Where is the thread? twitch.tv/riot2g00d
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