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  1. Yes; as Joen wrote. These are the following steps one should follow to manage the updater to work: 1. Delete your gamefolder 2. make a new gamefolder 3. Donwload the gameclient from utorrent, see the website under FILES 4.When its downloaded RIGHT click on the file, before extrating it, and uncheck the "safety features" added to the file. 5. Extract the file into the new gamefolder. 6.Run the updater as administrator 7.Problem should be fixed Plz check if this works for you too, if it doesnt then you need to this: 1. Open Comman
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, it did not work tho... I'm kindof running out of options here. The updater wont run and cant tell anymore why is this happening
  3. Thanks for your answer. For me doing that is not a choice at the moment. I've tried to undo all protections of windows defender but still isn't downloading... If anyone knows how to solve it please writie it down here
  4. Could anyone fix this topic? I still cannot make it work...
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