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  1. He couldnt farm his 500 pts? AHHAAHAHHA He can't farm even his subs if it wasnt you Anyway the topic is not about me only, its if Admins have to still tolerate such things for the sake of motivating other people to really play or donate on this server. Although you are unreal boost$, some of you might be really good players, but not all. In this case, there are at least 3 more skillful DA apart from me, playing total fair game with 0 relogs, waaaaaay better than him. This is piece of unbalance in the server, like many more, that would be better to be fixed (not according to you
  2. 2 weeks later, same story again ? Last 12 min Im infront in pts, then 3 of his fr RELOG and he takes hero [/URL] Still 0 care about balancing oly
  3. Спасибо все за коммент, Im just schocked how 0 ADMINS replied in this topic. It seems they don''t care about solo or fair play players...
  4. Здравствуйте, я болгарин, немножко по русс мог , so I will countinue in English, sorry. There has been scam today on olympiad on Dark Avenger class My char "Nimpho" finished 406 pts; Phantasm "hero" finished with 409 pts; All would be okay, but here is what happened last 30 min: He got relloged for 10 minutes - 4 times by his friend Destroyer "LustForWrath" (already guaranted hero), after I won him and was 30++ pts in front of him the last half hour of the oly. As server, who is aiming to be TOP, of the l2servers, I think such things must not be tolerated, in order to
  5. Morale boost on 72 lvl - stil 1lvl (must be lvl 3 aready) - http://l2j.ru/index.php?p=19&skid=956&lang=0
  6. Boost Morale skill on 72 lvl is still 1 lvl - it must be 3 lvl already. http://l2j.ru/index.php?p=19&skid=956&lang=0 Shot00003.bmp
  7. Also bug found - Boost Morale stays on lvl 1 still on 72lvl. (it must be lvl 3 already) - http://l2j.ru/index.php?p=19&skid=956&lang=0
  8. Will be there "Sale of characters" at some point just like on similar server project there was?
  9. Продажа персонаж возм будеть? На какой лвл Паладин феникс учиться? На аналогичный проект бьiл на 56лвл.
  10. Also - do Sale of characters with Master Coins through Admins will be avalable at later stage?
  11. Could you tell me on what level is the Paladin - Phoenix Summon? In simiral project it was on 56 lvl
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