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Passed by/ Evander
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  1. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/7b/7b6e4acb362e1f3a0aa166541822af761541d33cacb76f34f7c7867fd7366260.jpg
  2. Where did some1 say there are problems with Daily?
  3. made my day son, yes playing first time l2 and first time dagger. ty mr s m a r t a s s
  4. Same, Playing TH, 50% blow ratio 0 dmg to heavy, even wound has problems to land to MOBS fck logic, but mage OP y
  5. what to say on every server there are TRYHARDERS killing low lvls or low equiped ppl especially in Russia
  6. Any option how to hide all these skins so I can see real armor of players? Thanks for info.
  7. mby i want to addd lethal blow with lower power before 76 or bluff? i didnt say anything about Damage, or add wound higher land rate...
  8. Why every class is reworked very fine but dagger not? Only hide earlier, no bluff, no lethal blow, Critical wound land ratio is 10%...
  9. 1st room is for Pdef 2nd for M def 3rd for p atk to lower its basic stats, it is not perma hex just decreased stats bkz u killed mobs in labyrint properly, debuffs should work correctly, it is not just laba Hex it is its whole land rate with this spell even on normal mobs, kamaloka , zaken etc.
  10. Can you please fix Hex on dark elfs? On Laba chance is 0,0000001% to land, full laba didnt land a single hex on last RB.
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