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  1. Dear Players of MasterWork! INVICTUS is an international community of Lineage 2 Players which was born in 2009 on the Server L2DEX. We have a strong core of veteran members who still play together to this day. We love to play the game and have a "chill" approach. We do not recruit toxic players and do not condone toxic behavior. We have recently opened recruitment on Masterwork because we have the ambition to become the "home" international community for all Players who cannot speak Russian. Our Clan is open for recruitment to both Solo Players and Constant Parties. If you are interested, you can: PM "Thesis PM any Invictus you see on the map Join our discord server and contact us on the #recruitment channel - https://discord.gg/bAwXa4G Here's the detailed information about our clan: Clan level 10 Full Clan Skills Top Clan Hall in Oren Ally with ShadowsBad / Open War with Rise We participate daily to mass pvp and all Server events We use Discord for daily coordination, and TeamSpeak 3 for Ally activities Looking forward to playing with you! Thesis
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