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  1. having song/dance to NPC is not about pvp its about not grinding 24/7 lvling up boxes and i even suggested to put half effect of song/dance without 3rd class song/dance so you gonna have a good reason to exp boxes
  2. duelist heavy armor mastery Ghost hunter light armor mastery same check please check all skills As you see it on your screenshots you are wearing it. Equip any heavy armor and try again. my fault working good
  3. i think it would be great addition to increase s/d to 5min it would helps tons solo players, also maybe thats not the right topic but it would be also nice to put song/dance to NPC buff with half effect after all your looking for an easier pvp server
  4. zerk


    Hello, can i play the game with client high five freya? that probaply the wrong section i posted it im afraid :X
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