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  1. Hello guys, I want to present all of you an amazing idea. I think that u won’t find any flaws in it and u will support and enjoy this brilliant idea. If you have any suggestions or improvements concerning this very idea feel free to post your thoughts. The thing is I believe that all of you find an anti-buff lacking. What about making and antibuff custom. What I mean by this is that we are able to choose which skills will went through the antibuff and which are not. For example, If an Ol will give acu emp and u have antibuff on, u won’t get it. But what if u have custom antibuff and u can
  2. Read the question once again.
  3. http://download.l2e-global.com/global_x25_OBT_patch.zip - 404 not found
  4. Hi Lex, It is mid rate server, people dont want to make spies for each RB. If this information will be available for all players, competition (pvp) on RBs will be better.
  5. Hi team, Could you make page with RB statuses? Alive/Dead. Simple and helpful. Regards.
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