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  1. UP looking for SE / BISH or SORC
  2. Hello, here we are again BangBang CP is looking for fresh blood to fill last slots for cp. We are also looking for ppl who want to spend some time together and play as drivers. What do we expect: 4-5h per day playtime (CP prime time whenever epics start till 00-01) everything more than that is on ++ Be able to donate at least at the beginning Able to communicate in english Experience with mage cp +++ Discord: PM Aithhh # 0750 or SuitGuy # 6497 for more info. Premade ppl preferred but solo players are welcome too.
  3. WTB OE FB + HP + DARK DC light rar set GCM Protection of Rune/Alignment WTS Draco armor + boots MA robe + gloves IC SET IC boots Draco SET Warrior "aVTR
  4. We are International CP under OS tag and we are looking for 2 ppl who are willing to join our CP. We can rotate on chars so we are looking for 2 from this classes: Cat/EE/Bish/SWS/Trickster. We have all chars if needed. Primetime: 20-24 gmt+1 Our setup: HE - Taken SR - Taken Judi - Taken Trickster - Free Cat / Bish / EE - Free EE - Taken WC - Taken Bish - Taken SWS - Taken PM here or ingame "Sweetlies / "aVTR / "Reactor
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