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  1. how the special herbs look like?
  2. WTB NM HEAVY SET + shield mail or something ign: twintails
  3. offline shop is now an only vip thing?
  4. thank you i though it was an item to use
  5. i didnt got any xp rune with my characters
  6. so the server is closed and opens in some hours, or is already opened? i see on the main website that it opened yesterday and shows 600 online someone could explain this to me?
  7. pues eso, 2 españoles con horario de tarde, y fines de semanas buscamos cp o clan para jugar en este server, aun no hemos decidido que jugar, estariamos dispuestos a adaptarnos a lo que hiciera falta para completar
  8. pues eso estoy viendo de entrar al server, pero busco un grupo de españoles preferiblemente por el tema de horarios, y no he visto ningun hilo de clanes, a ver si hay alguno
  9. buso clan o cp española por tema de horarios, juego por la tarde y fines de semana nick ingame Evayuko
  10. since yesterday i dont have it, it doesnt appears on my skills while in vanguard, and cant use the one i still have on my skill bars, i dont know if have something related with an autoloot agathion it disapeared the same day i got the agathion
  11. have you killed all the bosses and upgraded the sword twice?
  12. https://i.gyazo.com/2562044608ace944d055ef1d0d401d9d.png i had it until today
  13. have been this skill just removed today?
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