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  1. NOOB FUKING SEVER I SPEND 300 USD IN 1 YEAr and sever both server only last 20 days
  2. there is no time for L2 with casual players.. this is the end for me. classic NA was PTW.. i spend 150 euro on all private servers and last only 1 month IM DONE Gms give incentive to poor russians with alot of players.. only so they can play before first round of heros and off to next server tomake more RL money to feed there poor ass family... im done.. GG
  3. Can we do something to make incentive for more players? TW and Seige every weekend? Or double badges gained? Double respawn time on subclass raids/barakeil? Larger clans are cashing out selling over priced gear and leaving the server after selling adena to adena sellers. Can we do something to make server fun for smaller clans and casual players? I see people dropping items in giran/// half the shops are gone in 3 days. I wanted to play here for along time and the server health seems conerning.
  4. so that doesnt help me understand why i cant see family pies in my inventory. Everytime server goes down or ddos everyone gets free pie but me. >.<
  5. so everytime they do a update they are updating the zip client ? i dont mind redownloading the game every update if that means i can play. But i cant even get the family pies on my account because i cant run the update. I had to have my friend log in on me he said he can see the family pie but when i log in its not in my inventory
  6. So far i still cannot use the updater. support doesn't know how to help, and they want me to upload videos to youtube. They wont even accept emails. Fucking stupid.. i cant even get my family vitality pies. Iv turned off all antivirus, redownled client and updater, restarted pc restarted everything. Still same problem.
  7. my launcher isnt working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I downloaded and installed launcher to separate folder. When I run the launcher everything comes up as it should but I cannot click anything but the "?" symbol. When I click server to select or the settings button nothing happens. I am able to log into the game using the l2.exe in the system folder but some animations are not working because I need to run the updater. Any help?
  9. hi! RectalHammer here. Me and corndog shat on you guys on dex. but if you will allow us we are looking for english speaking people to hang with
  10. So i thought i seen l2team was here. Even tho we shit all over you on dex. We will join any clan that will accept english speaking skilled players. k thx
  11. Trunks


    3 English speaking players. We use TS3. Doombringer/support tank/support healer prolly LFC
  12. hi me and my friend looking for international clan also.. i will mail jesuschrist in game
  13. Me and my friend joined the server.. love the server but we speak english and are struggling to find a clan. if you have a clan that speaks english and are willing to recruit 2 new players Dagger and Tank plz mail elTrunks in game. Thank you.
  14. hi, me and my friend are struggling to find a clan that speaks english. We are a dagger and a tank. please mail elTrunks in game if you would like to recruit us.
  15. Archer looking for english speaking clan. I love this server but i cant read russian. Looking for someone to play with please. FettyWap is name in game. Send mail to talk :)
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