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  1. There is totaly low chance for spoiling mana/vitality herbs ... can you please check it ? :) its not normal
  2. Pontifex1


    ano mage CP do startu pojedeme, pak se uvidí
  3. Zdravím, budu zakládat CP - ještě nejsme domluvení na charech - budeme se domlouvat před startem na našem Tsku (vypadá to do startu na mage pt) Kdyby měl někdo zájem se přidat a nemá problém hrát v hodinách 19-23:00, tak se mi ozvěte zde na forku v SZ Kdyby byl jo extra nával lidí, tak bychom mohli uvažovat i o klanu, ale zatím to nechám jak to je; S pozdravem Pontifex ;) We are creating CZ/SK CP - (probably mage CP) play time will be from 19:00 to 23:00 we are prefering Czech/Slovak and English speaking players With regards; Pontifex ;)
  4. i spend 110kk for 2 EWB and 1 EWA and 6 EAB .... rly nice event ....
  5. welcome to L2 global :D gracia final died because of the same reason ... Gms made events for donators mainly
  6. merge IL 7x to GF 7x is good idea i think ...
  7. best can be transfer both of this accounts server to new H5 :D
  8. yes iam telling them it for 2 months but noone listen to me only deleting my post on forum ... i think only thing what can keep this server alive is update it ... - many old people will come back becuase they will have to do something .... but all day less people events like black friday and this XmaSs event are mostly for donators - registration on 7x doesnt work -server need pvp events like tvt etc.. -maybe swich olympiad to 14 days instead of 1 month with 1/2 rewards -give people for example 5 coins for voting on sites (1 for 24 hours) - make some topic on FB for like 1 coin for share 3 coins and so on :) this can safe this server .... -this events like invasion was very good i think but - less mobs (lags)- less rewards ( fundation S guns and that reward from boss) are too insane -we want vitality - exp bonuses (more exp from that event mobs) for example stones/crystals but not full guns and this ... higest reward can be 16 stage crystals or something like that but only for best lucker on server ... - hide and seeks event or some question event can be too - reward little things like 2 GCM - 10 GC , crystals, BEWS .. .... no full guns
  9. Hi guys maybe its time to make some changes like ketra, varka quest drop/amouth rate ? Less price for cakes/runes can be nice too. Btw this server is the most expensive server what i played for 12 years of lineage :) This updates can be for new players of course :)
  10. server is not dead, its only in your heads :)
  11. how you can know it ? you were playing on their gracia epilogue ? Did you tested it ? :D i think no naaah so stop to beeing "pro" forum programator then
  12. another lie you have soft from http://depmax64.com/en/products/lst AND they offering gracia epilogue/ h5 and interlude :)
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